3D Expértos

3D Expértos provide the MENA Region with a portfolio of creative 3D solutions that leads to renovated opportunities, such financing opportunities, cost reduction, better performance, and higher productivity. We strive to exploit the promising high value of the 3D-Printing ecosystem including, 3D-Printers, 3D-Scanners, 3D-printing materials and 3D-solutions that emerging cross wide range of sectors. Building on our dedication, experience and network, we are keen to transform the values of 3D-Printing into benefits and opportunities for our clients. We nurture a winning network of partners with whom we create mutual and enduring value together. Our network includes leading manufacturers, consultants, think tanks and international institutes. In terms of geographical network, our partners are located in USA, UK, Europe and Russia.

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3D Expértos

P.O.Box 20249, Seef, Kingdom of Bahrain

t. +973 773 443 77
f. +973 773 553 77

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