Artec 3D scanners & quality control

Fitness test for water pipes

Thames Water use Artec Eva to map corrosion on cast iron pipe samples

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President Obama in 3D

U.S. President Barack Obama was scanned with Artec Eva to make the first ever presidential portrait in 3D

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Artec 3D scanners & CGI

Recreating dinosaurs in Jurassic World

Artec scanner creates the most true to life dinosaurs ever to be seen on screen

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Artec scanners
& Quality control

Eva cast in starring role at leading foundry

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St. Cloud State University

Creates next-generation virtual learning experience

Spider and AS 10 expand university’s reality capture capabilities.

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An archaeologist needed a faster and more precise way to digitally document an important site where the ancient Colombian Muisca civilization was being explored.

CAD features for quality inspection and reverse engineering, improved AI-powered HD Mode, new photogrammetry tool and more in the new video on our latest Artec Studio release.

CAD and engineering publications pick up on our story about making use of 3D technologies to protect children against air pollution and viruses.

Artec 3D has made the shortlist for the 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards. Cast your vote online and mark your calendar for the awards ceremony, which will be streamed live on YouTube Thursday, Oct. 21.

From industrial design to manufacturing to healthcare or CGI, with Artec scanners, ‘impossible’ is a word that we have little reason to use.

Cloud integration, CAD for reverse engineering and quality inspection, AI-powered HD Mode improvements, and photorealistic texture for CGI highlight Artec Studio 16 enhancements

When a scanner is used on a moving body, it receives conflicting spatial coordinates, so instead of a homogeneous shape, a three-dimensional “motion blur” is the result. In this case, digitally capturing the horses as perfectly as possible was a must.

If you hear about something unexpected surfacing in Australia, no one would blame you for first thinking about some kind of wily mammal making its way into town, or an alarmingly large spider that you’d be better off leaving alone. In this case, the surprise came in the form of a boat.

3D scanning with Artec Eva helped a Silicon Valley dad invent the ultimate respiratory mask to protect children against air pollution and viruses.

See how researchers of Naturalis Biodiversity Center used Artec Space Spider to create a 3D replica of the oldest known Tyrannosaurus Rex for Japanese Dinosaur Museum in Nagasaki.

They say that all roads lead to Rome. And in one case, a smooth journey from Canada to the Vatican was ensured via the use of 3D scanning.

By scanning individual plants with Artec 3D scanners, scientists can identify plants with the best traits and use them to breed superior crops with better yields.

In this video, you’re taken through the process of analyzing the shape of a small mechanical part in order to detect and pinpoint deviations from a reference CAD model — a critical step in any manufacturing workflow.

A researcher focused on high-throughput phenotyping of perennial ryegrass needed a way to non-destructively measure 160 individual plants in the field 6-8 times over the duration of his project, to help identify specific plants with the most desirable traits for plant breeders and farmers.

If you’d like to learn more about HD Mode and what improvements you can expect, make sure to watch one of the latest workshops by Artec 3D training and 3D scanning specialist Anton Popov.

In this workshop, our training and 3D scanning specialist Anton Popov shows how you can combine data from several Artec scanners using either of the two workflows: combining raw data (scans) or processed data (fusions).

While the story of this 1919 Harley is set in the Netherlands, the news traveled far and wide.

Artec Eva is regularly used both in-house and at client locations for scanning difficult-to-3D model objects, particularly those with complex geometries, after which these scans are transformed into AR/VR-ready 3D models.

Archaeologists working in South Africa’s “Cradle of Humankind” utilized a handheld 3D scanner during excavation & manual reconstruction to help safely piece back together an extremely rare hominid cranium from hundreds of unearthed fragments.

University medical art students need accurate 3D models as a foundation for their work as medical illustrators. The University of Dundee teaches them how to use Artec Eva and Space Spider for creating 3D models.

The task in this case: to equip a helicopter with a downward and diagonally facing camera for capturing aerial views of the area beneath it, for use in rescue missions and environmental surveillance, among other applications.

An archaeologist needed a way to digitally preserve ancient Peruvian artifacts and petroglyphs in damp, humid conditions, far more reliably and quickly than traditional photogrammetry.

Essential for the ignition to start and the engine to run, the vintage motorcycle’s distributor cap was 3D printed from a 3D model of a legacy part scanned with Artec Space Spider.

3D scanning technology leader continues to expand global presence with new class of global certified resellers.

With a background in computer games and a love for building cars, it didn’t take long for Chris Ashton to find his way into the 3D scanning world, combining both profession and passion.

With the high-resolution 3D scans of hundreds of thylacine specimens, the research team veraciously measured each specimen, and then used the 3D scans of full thylacine skeletons to digitally sculpt a lifelike 3D model of a thylacine for digital weighing.

Back in the 1500s, the citizens and members of Mantua’s Jewish community couldn’t even imagine that their descendants would one day not merely be able to see their community’s signature artifact all in one piece, even after 500 years, but also be able to explore it up close in 360 degrees without even leaving their homes.

A renowned forensic anthropologist turned to 3D scanning when he needed to capture hundreds of bones and transform them into anatomically-precise 3D models for a groundbreaking VR course.

From among more than 2,300 nominations, Artec 3D wins Bronze in the 2021 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Support.

A California plastic surgeon dedicated to helping children born with microtia was searching for a gentler and faster way to make the most life-like, long-lasting ears for her patients.

The manufacturing company relies on Artec Eva for quality control and to ensure reliable accuracy in their products.

With Artec Micro, the milk-design team is now able to create both gem settings and custom-designed jewelry entirely in-house and more sustainably.

A leading high-performance chassis design specialist searched for a way to dramatically speed up their day-to-day project workflow without compromising on accuracy or safety.

When a delicious pizza fresh from the oven is in front of you, probably the last thing you’ll think of is 3D scanning it. But that’s exactly what one 3D scanning specialist in Poland did.

A voluntary organization based in the UK, REMAP provides bespoke solutions for people with disabilities whose needs cannot be met using off-the-shelf devices, or via primary avenues of help available to them, such as the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

A 19th-century brass shelf bracket was scanned with Artec Space Spider for preservation, recreation, and fundraising.