3D scanning solutions

How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

3D scanning courses

Artec Eva & Space Spider

Step-by-step training both for beginners and those who want to improve their skills on everything from scanner handling to data processing.

Artec Leo in Artec Studio 17

Improve your entire 3D scanning process with tips and tricks for real automotive and industrial design use cases, designed for both beginners and advanced users.

Artec Leo in Artec Studio 18

Learn how to use Artec Leo and process scan data in Artec Studio 18 with maximum efficiency, whether for capturing industrial tools for measurement, a person for CGI, or if you need to combine Leo and Ray II data.

Forensic 3D scanning

Learn best practices when using Artec Leo to digitize crime scenes, and acquire and assess courtroom-ready evidence.

Artec Studio 18: What’s new

Free for new or existing AS18 users. Get familiar with AS18 features related to CAD modeling, section analysis, quality control, and when working with two or more scanners: improved multiresolution registration and fusion algorithms.

Artec Metrology Kit

Free for new and existing Metrology Kit users. From capture prep to calculating and reporting results, fully utilize the Kit for inspection, deformation analysis, or ensuring peak accuracy with other Artec devices.

Artec Ray II

Understand the full potential of Ray II as a standalone or with Artec Leo through practical lessons on how to capture and process data.