Medical 3D models

Scanned using Artec 3D technology
Leo HD
Bearded guy HD 3D model

The comb-over & fade along with the boxed beard were faithfully recreated in myriads of submillimeter-accurate polygons and packed into a 3D model file in .stl format.

Eva HD
Human skeleton HD 3D model

What makes this model special is the ultra-high level of detail and the incredible cleanliness of data that the scanner is able to achieve, all thanks to HD Mode.

Arm 3D model

It's not easy to keep your fingers apart for a long time, so the scanning should be done as quickly as possible.

S. Spider
Ear 3D model

Scanning ears is a popular solution for making prosthetics: the detailed geometry of a healthy ear can be mirrored and made into a perfect replica.

S. Spider
Eye 3D model

A quick self scan of an eye. A very noticeable thing here is that Spider has scanned past the natural eye lens and captured the correct position of the iris.

Face 3D model

Human face scanning can be required for oral and maxillofacial surgery or for other medical purposes. With Artec Eva it is really quick and easy.

S. Spider
Foot mold  3D model

This metal mold of a child's foot was scanned with Spider in less than one minute.

Full body scan 3D model

We used a tablet and the Artec battery pack so the scanning was really fast. It took only 4 minutes.

S. Spider
Hand 3D model

Anything that moves is challenge to scan because of its changing geometry.

S. Spider
Hand bones with nails 3D model

A quick scan of hand bones with nails made with Artec Spider. The object was scanned in three passes over just 8 minutes and processed afterwards for 30 minutes.

Head scan 3D model

This 3D model shows how well Artec Eva renders hair, a tricky area for some 3D scanners.

S. Spider
Infant skull 3D model

Infant skull, scanned with Artec Spider in three passes. The scanning took approximately 5 minutes and processing 25 minutes.

S. Spider
Part of backbone and ribs 3D model

The backbone and ribs turned out to be an easy job for Spider, since even though the model is geometrically rich, it did not contain any particularly hard to scan surfaces.

Plaster cast of teeth 3D model

This object is considered as «large» for trajectory purposes. Although we used only a «simple» type of trajectory, with fewer frames, all of the intricate curvatures were successfully captured.

S. Spider
Top of hand 3D model

A quick scan of the top of the hand with Spider allows you to see the fine details of the skin and nails.

Eva Lite
Torso 3D model

This 3D model of a torso, captured with the Eva Lite scanner, has multiple applications in various industries including CGI, art, science and especially, healthcare.