Leo 3D Models

Scanned using Artec 3D technology
California office chair 3D model

What appears to be a normal, everyday office chair, plucked from the glass and steel confines of a typical high-tech office in sunny California, serves as a fine example of capturing modern furniture with Artec Leo.

Car 3D model

This 3D model was created via a synergy of 3D data from an Artec Leo combined with texture from photogrammetry.

Car Body 3D model

Taking only 20 minutes to scan the whole car, and just under one and a half hours to process the captured 3D data, this highly accurate 3D model was ready in under two hours from start to finish.

Crocodile Statue 3D model

Part of an outdoor fountain basin, this 3D model of a croc was created with the Artec Leo 3D scanner and the powerful Artec Studio software.

Dual-clutch gearbox 3D model

Yes, this is one of those dandy not-so-little devices that no one wants to hear their mechanic talking about, especially not while he’s rubbing his hands together and has a certain little gleam in his eye.

Fountain Basin 3D model

Leo was able to scan this fountain’s 7-meter basin in just under fifty minutes, with no need for additional preparation or the use of extra features to improve the scanner’s tracking.

Large iron machine part 3D model

Artec Leo is often called in when the height of the object to be 3D scanned approximates that of a Yeti. Why?

Lion statue 3D model

This lion is one of two nearly identical bronze animals prowling alongside the steps of a town hall. Mounted on a pedestal, it was a bit hard to reach, but not for Leo — its namesake!

Part of a mining machine 3D model

A junkyard is what awaited one mining machine whose glorious times had been forgotten to the junkyard of history... until one day a knight in shining armor appeared on the doorstep of a mine in southern Luxembourg.

Triceratops skull 3D model

This challenge was one of prehistoric proportions: to digitize the skull of a triceratops for virtual viewing, academic study, and to create a replica.

Troll 3D model

This ordinary office Troll was scanned with an Artec Leo 3D scanner. In exchange for the promise of some meaty morsels, the troll agreed to pose for the scanning by leaning on a chair that was later removed during post-processing in Artec Studio.