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Artec 3D scanning solutions for architecture

The entire life cycle of a building – from design to construction to renovation – is now in your full control with Artec 3D technology. Capture exceptionally accurate 3D scan data ready for use in CAD and CAM projects with Artec 3D scanners.

3D scanning for architecture


Urban planning

Use state-of-the-art scanning devices to digitize large urban spaces by capturing every street, building, and tree within.

Prototyping and concept testing

With Artec 3D tech you can forget the cardboard models: reduce time and effort by providing a high-quality 3D prototype for a part of any building, structure, or a scale model.

Quality control in construction

An easy-to-use solution for a scrupulous inspection: check if the building meets your quality acceptance criteria and take precise measurements for monitoring loads and deformation.

Reverse engineering

Integrate any element into your building, restore missing project documentation and measurement plans, and recreate small and large architectural forms.

Heritage restoration

Speed up any restoration works, model the final result, or assess the level of damage. Digitize statues, monuments, or town structures to preserve architectural masterpieces for generations to come.

Interior design

3D technology enables you to bring your boldest design ideas to life: from panels to structures to decorative objects, create all you need to enhance your interior designs.

Architectural supervision

Control the fit-out process and resolve any construction related issues by streamlining documentation, creating digital walkthroughs, and instantly capturing all necessary data.

Facility reconstruction

Get extremely accurate as-built data when you need object updates or renovation, while extending a building, and for overall facility management.

Additive manufacturing

Create clean and tidy models ready for 3D printing, whether it’s a concept model, decorative element, or an innovative part of a house construction.

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Introducing Artec 3D hardware

Portable, easy-to-use, and versatile devices for measuring any building dimensions.

The power of Artec 3D software

A professional set of tools and innovative algorithms for 3D data capturing and processing helps you to make full use of what your 3D scanner can do.

State-of-the-art 3D models

Captured in perfect resolution, with every fine detail present – explore these architectural 3D models from some of our professional 3D scanners.

Michel Rodange monument

Golden column

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