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Listed below are a selection of 3D scanning services providers around the globe, all of whom use professional Artec 3D scanners in their service work. Whatever your application and budget, these experts will find the solution to best suit your needs.

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3D scanning services by Artec

3D scanning opens up a world of new and exciting opportunities for professionals in multiple industries. Compared to many other methods of data capture, it is one of the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective ways of achieving high-quality 3D models of all kinds of objects. Artec 3D has a long-standing reputation of providing cutting-edge 3D solutions for optimized performance and maximum output. The possibility of combining data from different types of Artec’s 3D tools accelerates the process even further and is an effective way of achieving the high accuracy you need for your 3D model regardless of size or shape.

These professional 3D scanning services give you the opportunity to take full advantage of top-of-the-line blue light, white light, and laser 3D solutions without having to purchase them. Portable and user-friendly, these devices can be used in controlled conditions as well as outdoors, delivering great results regardless of the environment. Whether you are looking to have objects captured in high detail for reverse engineering, product design, or quality control, you can get all the benefits of a high-quality 3D scanning solution at an affordable price.

3D scanning services: key specs

3D point accuracy

From 0.05 mm

3D resolution

From 0.1 mm

Object size

From a fingerprint up to an industrial building

Full color scanning


File format of 3D model

All popular formats, including OBJ, PLY, STL, and WRL

Artec 3D scanners applications by industry

Discover how professionals around the globe are using Artec’s advanced 3D scanning solutions across multiple industries, and why it is the fastest and most efficient way to get accurate 3D data for applications such as reverse engineering, quality control, rapid prototyping, design, and many others. Smart integration of advanced 3D scanning solutions injects real value into your workflow, whatever your industry.

Reverse engineering

Across an increasing number of industries, the ways in which 3D scanning can be used continue to grow. With Artec 3D constantly improving and developing the way our scanning solutions work, fast prototyping and reverse engineering stand out as highly suited for this technology. For both seasoned scanning professionals and complete novices, the solutions offered are fast and easy. With minimal time spent using portable, light, and intuitive machines, our professional scanners ensure your data is effortlessly captured, your workflow improved, and your results accurate each time.

Explore our reverse engineering case studies for more information

See how Artec Gold Certified Reseller used Artec Leo and Geomagic Design X combo to redesign the exhaust system of Volvo XC90 in less than one hour.

Discover how one company uses Artec 3D scanning technologies to reverse engineer parts of naval vessels and submarines of the Dutch Royal Navy.

See how one international spare parts manufacturer-distributor used Artec 3D scanners to update and improve replacement parts for a construction machine.

Quality inspection

If you’re looking to save time and money, 3D scanning stands out as an ideal inclusion to your work process. For quality control in particular, scanning with Artec 3D’s professional scanners is fast and accurate — exactly what’s needed in the industry. With high accuracy, expect to find previously missed deviations; with a simplified inspection process, you’ll significantly cut down on time, too. Whether you’re in the field of mass production, car assembly, industrial design, or medical equipment, Artec 3D scanners guarantee the highest standards in the fastest time.

Explore our quality control case studies for more information

See how the UK’s largest water and wastewater services provider uses Artec Eva for faster and more accurate corrosion mapping evaluation of water pipes.

See how one full-service jobbing foundry switched to Artec Eva from an old laser scanner on a robotic arm for a more flexible and accurate 3D scanning of large castings onsite.

See how Artec Space Spider and Geomagic software are used to analyze 3D printed wax casting patterns and cast parts at all stages in the design, inspection, and manufacturing process.

Industrial design and manufacturing

3D scanning is widely used for a large variety of industrial design and manufacturing applications by experts worldwide. Having 3D files of your objects saves you time, optimizes multiple workflows, and lets you do more with your data than you ever thought possible. Artec’s professional handheld and stationary 3D scanners are perfect for reverse engineering, quality control, rapid prototyping, analysis, and more.

See some examples of industrial design and manufacturing applications below

See how the combination of Artec Leo and Ray helped engineers at Asian Sealand Offshore and Marine to 3D capture a fractured 15-meter vertical pipe on a FPSO vessel and create an accurate 3D model to fabricate a replacement.

See how one Swiss food-packaging manufacturer decreased production time, expenses, and challenges when creating new packaging thanks to Artec Space Spider.

Learn how Artec 3D Gold Certified Reseller wins bronze on the nationwide 3D scanning and reverse engineering challenge by leveraging the latest Artec scanning technology.


The healthcare industry also greatly benefits from implementing innovative 3D technologies into its various processes. Able to safely and accurately capture 3D data quickly, Artec’s 3D scanners are used by healthcare professionals in countless fields to create customized healthcare solutions, perform pre- and post-op analysis, and gather data needed for plastic and restorative surgery. 3D scanning is also widely used for applications in orthopedics and prosthetics.

See a few examples of healthcare applications below

Using Artec Space Spider to create 3D models for manufacturing completely customized orthopedic solutions – in this case, customized ear implants for children with microtia.

With Artec Eva, the lengthy process of casting, measuring, and drawing models for custom-made orthopedic solutions is simpler, faster, and more accurate.

What if you could see the results of plastic surgery before the actual procedure took place? 3D scanning with Artec Eva, that’s exactly what these patients had access to.

Science and education

3D scanning has also become essential throughout the field of science and education. This powerful technology opens up a whole new universe of possibilities for researchers, scientist, teachers, law enforcement specialists, and many others. Artec’s 3D scanners can be used to scan almost anything related to research, training, documentation, online museums, forensics, and many other applications.

See several examples of science and education applications below

Artec Space Spider and Eva 3D scan NASA tools and other objects, to help create ultra-realistic digital models for use in a virtual environment.

The British Museum has been home to more than 200 square meters of Assyrian reliefs since the 1850s. They’ve now been digitally immortalized with Artec Eva.

To 3D scan an entire Stegosaurus skeleton and print a 1:1 scale model of it? No big deal for Artec Space Spider, which was used to create the photorealistic 3D-printable model.

Art and design

3D scanning has also become popular in art and design practices. Architects and designers, along with CGI, fashion, and many other specialists, now have new ways of performing all of their tasks, such as artifact digitization and restoration, as well as the creation of visual effects and 3D design. For new areas, such as VR, 3D scanning is particularly useful, as it provides the fastest way of bringing a real object into the digital world.

See some examples of art and design applications below

A total of 50 craftsmen worked hard at creating this architectural landmark. Decades later, Artec Eva and Space Spider immortalized it in 3D.

To create a bust of President Obama, two Artec Evas were used to 3D scan and digitally capture his upper body in just a few minutes.

How do you get the most stunning visual effects in a horror show? For this post-apocalyptic drama series, Artec Space Spider was used for 3D scanning actors and props.