Quinton Rail Technology Centre, UK
It’s been a while since Artec scanners have been showcased at a live event. And that’s about to change as Covid-19 restrictions start to relax (with precautions still in place, of course!) and regular exhibitions slowly venture back offline.
Hickory, NC, United States

On July 20-21, Artec Ambassador Digitize Designs will demonstrate how powerful a tool 3D scanning can be for manufacturing the best products in the furniture market – and where better than in Hickory, North Carolina, one of the world’s go-to furniture shopping destinations.

Los Angeles, United States

D&M West brings together the best of the best in design and manufacturing, drawing designers, engineers, and thinkers from different industries across the globe to Los Angeles. In D&M West’s own words, the essence of it is to “discover innovation, engineer new technology, and build a better tomorrow.”

Istanbul, Turkey

The International Defence Industry Fair brings together specialists in procurement, purchasing, and R&D from all over the world, all of them keen to see what’s what in the latest defense-related innovations.

If you’re looking to adopt additive manufacturing in your business or upgrade your current 3D printing system but aren’t sure what to start with, we recommend you turn to one of our trusted partners in your region. One such partner is Antonius Köster, based in Meschede, Germany.

The “Artec Ray: the fastest and most accurate long-range 3D scanner with advanced laser technology” webinar will feature a comprehensive online demo combined with a detailed talk on 3D laser scanning technology and Ray’s technical specifications, applications, and success stories.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China will be the place for major buyers and leading manufacturers to gather together on May 26 to 28 – all thanks to TCT Asia, an international exhibition dedicated exclusively to additive technology.

Moscow, Russia

The largest trade show of the global machine tool industry and cutting-edge metalworking technology in Eastern Europe, Metalloobrabotka 2021 is expected to attract leading manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers to Moscow from May 24 to 28.


3D solutions are making waves in businesses all over the world, and for good reason. Javelin Technologies, a Gold Certified Artec 3D partner in Canada, has an exciting webinar lined up to help you make sure you are kept in the loop when it comes to the latest trends and best practices.

Every year, over 900 exhibitors gather in Stuttgart, Germany to showcase their QA equipment and software. This time around, they’re headed online and are set to present cutting-edge solutions and explore new opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Join Artec 3D’s trusted partner, Javelin Technologies Inc., in a captivating 3D scanning journey — whenever and wherever you like! Watch the recording of an in-depth presentation from Javelin’s Product Manager Cory Green detailing how to 3D scan an object and turn it into a well and truly accurate 3D CAD model.


GoMeasure3D, an Artec 3D gold-certified ambassador in the US, has a highly informative webinar lined up to help you correctly deploy the combined strengths of our scanners to achieve the best results.


A whole series of educating events in April has been gloriously orchestrated by 3D Master, an Artec 3D ambassador in Poland. Super qualified professionals at 3D Master deal with a broad range of 3D technologies, from 3D scanning and everything related to it, to the distribution of best-in-class Artec 3D scanners and software along with specialized training.


Over five days, professionals in manufacturing, energy, and logistics will have a chance to meet thought leaders in AI, robotics, logistics, IT, automation technology, and industrial software, and learn how they can optimize their processes using the latest technological innovations.


LEAD TIME is a thoroughly illuminating series on how you can introduce Industry 4.0 technologies to improve your processes. In this instalment, Javelin, our certified partners in Canada, have teamed up with Niagara College’s Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center to bring you a webinar on handheld 3D scanning.

If you’d like to learn more about how to transform 3D scans into editable CAD objects in SOLIDWORKS, make sure to join the free webinar Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS – scan processing and deviation control hosted on Thursday, April 8, by Artec 3D’s Ambassador in Poland, 3D Master.

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