Las Vegas, USA

At last year’s CES Expo, 175,000 industry professionals attended and 4,500 companies participated — 307 of which were among 2018’s Fortune Global 500 companies. Media coverage of the event spanned 79 countries, regions, and territories. Expect all that and more at CES 2020, a global stage where some of the hottest technology and innovations are introduced to an international marketplace. With more than a thousand speakers lined up to address an audience of business leaders and innovators of today, the event is an ideal place for you to grow your business, develop your ideas, or begin your journey with some of the world’s newest and most exciting technologies.

San Francisco, USA

With the XR (extended reality) market projected to surge to more than $200 billion over the next four years, the upcoming VRX Conference & Expo is truly worth a second look. The corporate attendee list says it all: business leaders and specialists from Paramount, HBO, Dreamscape Immersive, ExxonMobil, Merck, Audi, General Motors, DHL, Johnson & Johnson, Google, HP, Bose, and many others will be there.

Madrid, Spain

The leading industrial show in Spain, MetalMadrid brings together 600+ exhibitors and more than 10,000 professionals every year. The show is tailored to meet the needs of today's advanced manufacturers and suppliers. Now in its 12th year, MetalMadrid has become a true meeting point of the industrial sector. Come and see for yourself the latest developments in automation and robotics, connected manufacturing, measurement, quality inspection, machine tools and 3D printing. Artec Gold Certified Partner Aquateknica will demonstrate the latest in 3D scanning technologies by showcasing Artec 3D scanners.

Frankfurt am Main(ドイツ)

FORMNEXT は、2019年の最も期待されるアディティブマニュファクチャリングについてのイベントの一つであり、今年はこれまで以上に大きく、より素晴らしいものになるでしょう!インテリジェントなアディティブマニュファクチャリングと工業用3Dプリンティングのための最新のツール、ソリューション、技術を備え、今年の見本市は32カ国以上から27,000人以上の訪問者が訪れる予定です。

Brisbane, Australia

Asia’s largest computer graphics event, SIGGRAPH Asia, is taking place in Brisbane, Australia this year, and is already shaping up to be an unmissable experience. For artists as well as scientists and many others, SIGGRAPH has been a forum and well of inspiration, a place where experts and beginners alike can gather and share wisdom, ideas, and opinions on all things computer graphics, visual effects, interactivity, and more.

Koblenz, ドイツ

毎年11月、Koblenz Chamber of Crafts社は、産業と科学の協力を得て、 Koblenz Technology Nightを開催します。今年は、さまざまな興味深いデモンストレーション、ショー、講義、などの参加できるアクティビティーがあり、特にハイテク企業や組織の多くの代表者、専門家、研究者が参加します。複数の業界にわたる最新の技術と科学の発展について情報を得るのに最適なイベントです。

Changsha, Hunan, China

One of the most talked about events in the Surveying and Mapping industry, ChinterGEO 2019 will be taking place in Hunan, Changsha, China from Nov 6-8. Last year’s event welcomed more than 250 exhibitors and 3000+ attendees, and this year’s event is shaping up to be even better, with manufacturers, dealers, and professionals from the world of surveying, mapping and geographic information fields arriving from near and far, including Asia, Europe, and North America. Being demonstrated will be a wide range of tools and solutions for industry professionals, including some of the latest offerings in 3D scanning, such as Artec 3D's professional scanners.

Shanghai, China

The city of Shanghai will host the 2019 iteration of the Heritage Preservation International (HPI) exhibition. The exhibitors at HPI largely comprise restoration companies, universities, and planning companies as well as manufacturers of building and restoration materials, measuring instruments, scanners and 3D visualization technologies.




Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019 に参加して、アジア太平洋地域の目覚ましい発展と記憶に残るイノベーションのすべてをお楽しみください。あらゆるリーダーや専門家がイベントに参加することで、アイデアを刺激する情報、トップ企業が成し遂げた最高のイノベーションや、業界で最も優れた頭脳から生まれた最新のテクノロジーについて情報を手に入れることができます。

ドバイ, UAE

Middle East RoTIC 2019では、世界中の技術専門家が集まり、回転機械のさまざまな側面に関連するさまざまなトピックに焦点を当て、業界の専門家とのネットワークを構築します。主要な地域企業や国際企業から知見と効率的な方法について情報交換するための優れたフォーラムであるこのイベントは、中東周辺の機械の専門家にとって必見のイベントです。

Peoria, アメリカ合衆国

8年生(中学2年生)というのは、将来について考え、未来がどうなるのか考え始める若者の人生の重要な瞬間です。 CareerSpark は、彼らが将来のキャリアへの道筋について準備するサポートをするために、素晴らしい魅力的なフレームワークで機会と実践的な経験を提供するよう設計されました。