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Artec Group is proud to have opened its first showroom in February 2014 in the heart of Palo Alto, home to the most successful hi-tech companies in the world. We've since relocated our showroom to Santa Clara, where we are today. Drop by and see us sometime!

2880 Lakeside Drive, #135, Santa Clara, CA 95054

+1 669 292 5611

Monday to Friday, 11am — 8pm

Until recently, 3D technologies were a distant dream for the general
user - too complex and too expensive.


Artec is challenging this idea head on, bringing its high-tech solutions to all. The Artec showroom marks a key milestone
in the company’s development as a major player in the hugely promising market of 3D technology.

With a wide variety of applications, Artec’s 3D scanners are used in multiple industries,
automotive for inspection, reverse engineering, fast prototyping and more.

Artec 3D showroom

Artec Group is proud to have opened its first showroom in February 2014 in the heart of Palo Alto, headquarters to the most successful hi-tech companies in the world.

Artec 3D scanning services

We believe that the 3D revolution is just around the corner and will soon take us all by storm, just as photography did in the 20th century.

Our products are now on show for anyone to try
and test on the spot

Artec 3D scanners

Artec 3D scanners

Artec Eva, Spider and Space Spider for ultra-high quality professional 3D scanning. Powerful tools for reverse engineering, fast prototyping, analysis, inspection and more.

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Artec ID services

Artec ID

Broadway 3D face recognition revolutionary 3D technology for secure entry systems.

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Artec Shapify Booth

Artec Shapify Booth

The world’s only one-click 3D scanning machine with automatic post-processing. A breakthrough for 3D scanning services.

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Shapify 3D services

3D services Shapify

Have a go at being scanned in Artec’s automated 3D scanning machine and take home something really special: a shapie — a 3D printed portrait! A great way to remember special days and events like birthdays, graduations and weddings, but also a lot of fun. 
Couples and group shots are welcome too.

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Other 3D scanning queries?

Interested in getting something else 3D scanned? We’re here to help!
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and we’ll provide you with a quote.

We are student-friendly

Teaching others about 3D technology is fun! We are always happy to accommodate school or university trips! Contact us and we’ll organize something together.