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3D Software

Along with manufacturing professional 3D scanners, Artec develops smart 3D scanning software. Meticulously designed to meet the needs of both new and experienced users alike, it is the best choice for any application.

Featuring the latest and most advanced data capturing and processing algorithms on the market, our software guarantees the most seamless scanning experience.

Artec 3D software
Artec Studio

The ultimate solution for 3D data capture and processing. This comprehensive 3D imaging software includes an Autopilot mode that automatically chooses the best algorithms for captured data to develop the most accurate 3D model.

Multi-resolution fusion

Register scans captured with different Artec devices in a single click using Artec Studio’s industry-first multi-resolution fusion functionality. This allows users to rapidly scan wider areas with Ray II, before capturing fine details with Leo and combining the highest resolution data from both, to achieve 3D meshes with an unprecedented level of detail.

AI-boosted textures

Artec Eva and Leo users have long had the power to multiply the resolution of their scans up to soaring levels via HD Mode. Artec Studio now harnesses AI to enhance texture quality as well, bringing greater sharpness, contrast, and realism to users’ models.

Seamless syncing

Artec Cloud has been further integrated into Artec Studio, so users can effortlessly synchronize online and offline projects, upload backups, and share work with colleagues around the world at the push of a button.

Precision editing tools

Wherever you look, Artec Studio is packed with advanced mesh editing features that ensure precision, accuracy, and stability – whether it be the easy-to-use Autopilot, or surface thickening and defect identification tools for reverse engineering.


Expect a quicker and more intuitive engineering workflow by fitting primitives to your model and precisely positioning it. Save key data as a STEP file for immediate use in SOLIDWORKS, or export more complex meshes to Design X or Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS in a single click.

Quick quality control

Check your scan data against the CAD model of a fitted primitive, analyze it section by section, or compare mesh-CAD pairs, to rapidly identify product design flaws.

Artec Cloud for 3D data on your browser

Access, view, and comment on scans and 3D models.

Seamlessly share projects and collaborate with single-click syncing.

Process data from wherever you are.

artec cloud
Artec Scanning SDK
Develop your own 3D scanning application to capture and process data, or integrate 3D scanning into your own software with a range of powerful SDK tools.
Geomagic Software

Create feature-based, editable solid 3D models in this leading reverse-engineering CAD software. Perfect for using 3D objects in industrial engineering, design, architecture and more. Features direct integration with Artec Studio, so scan data can be collected, processed and reverse engineered all in one workflow.

Enjoy the seamless export of 3D models to SOLIDWORKS with Geomagic’s professional plugin, one of the best scan-to-CAD 3D software solutions on the market today. Effortlessly transform all of your 3D models into editable objects in the CAD environment for rapid design, engineering, and production.

An outstanding solution developed specifically for the effortless design and manufacturing of organic shapes. Direct integration with Artec 3D scanners and compatibility with state-of-the-art haptic devices allows users to retain the feel of clay modeling while taking full advantage of digital environment possibilities. Ideal for product design, rapid prototyping and many other applications throughout a wide range of industries.

Improve your workflow greatly with the Geomagic ® Control X™ metrology software platform equipped with professional 3D tools for comparing 3D scans to CAD files. With extensive and comprehensive reporting and analysis, Control X is the leading software for ensuring high-quality control.

Experience an easy scan-to-model workflow with Geomagic Wrap, an exact surfacing solution with an impressive toolbox for all of your needs. A good solution for product design, as well as reverse engineering of 3D models, this software is a must-have for professionals in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, art, CGI, healthcare, and many others.


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