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Can you scan a room? What are the processes involved, and why would you do it? We’ve got answers to all these questions and more.

Most important when choosing a scanner is choosing a needed resolution. Also accuracy is playing a role, which refers to how close to the actual object we have come in creating its virtual copy.

If you told someone back in the early ’80s that in just three decades they’d be able to 3D print pretty much anything, they probably wouldn’t have believed you.

Key industries and applications

3D scanning is now more popular than ever, and businesses all over the world are embracing this versatile technology to boost productivity, eliminate unnecessary costs, and create new and exciting products and services.

How to 3d scan an object

Once you’ve chosen the right 3D scanner for your applications, whether it’s reverse engineering, or an art or science project, it’s vital to know how to get the best results from your device. 

How to choose a 3D scanner

It is no secret that the fast development of 3D scanning technology has made it possible to drastically improve countless applications in multiple industries.