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Artec 3D scanners for dentistry

Dental 3D scanning solutions to reflect your highest standards of speed, precision, ergonomics, and safety.

3D scanning for dentistry

Accurate 3D models make it that much easier for dentists to do their job in a faster, cleaner, and safer way. From initial diagnostics to dental implants to orthodontic procedures and oral surgeries, Artec 3D scanners provide you with the next-gen technology for creating a precise 3D replica of every tooth in your patient’s smile.


Dental and cranial implants

Transform the creation of implants by enabling highly detailed and accurate customization. The ability to capture precise anatomical data ensures that each implant fits perfectly and aligns seamlessly with the patient’s existing structures, with comfort and functionality improved.

Root canal therapy

Rely on Artec 3D scanners to allow for early detection of dental conditions with 3D images of the tooth and its internal structures. Accurately locate infections and complications, facilitating more effective treatments and reducing the risk of future issues.

Tooth extractions

Minimize radiation exposure during imaging. Artec technology provides clear, detailed views of the tooth and surrounding bone, allowing for careful planning and reducing the risk of complications during and after the extraction process.

Maxillofacial surgery

3D scanning is a way to ensure precise planning and execution of reconstructive therapy. Ultra-precise scans help in minimizing irritation to surrounding structures, leading to less postoperative discomfort and a quicker recovery for the patient.

3D scanner-aided intraoperative navigation

Enhance navigation by providing a detailed surgical guide. Artec 3D scanners support virtual surgical planning and mapping, allowing you to perform procedures with greater accuracy and confidence, ultimately improving surgical outcomes.

Orthodontic treatment

Benefit from 3D scanning through extremely accurate measurements of the teeth and jaw. Get precise data for thorough evaluation and perfect positioning of dental appliances, ensuring optimal results in both appearance and function for your patients.

Success story

Center for Implant Dentistry

Center for Implant Dentistry

“The 3D model helps us in matching the smile with the patient’s overall face. Also, we take the patient’s input in designing their smile. Without the face scan, the patient cannot visualize how the final teeth will look until they see them in a lifelike way, integrated with their entire face.”

Dr. Sambhav Jain, implantologist and periodontist
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Choose your Artec 3D scanner

Bring speed, precision, and efficiency to your dental workflow – from implant creation to orthodontics to maxillofacial surgery – saving your patients a lot of appointments in the long run.

Master your scanning workflow with Artec 3D software

Our user-friendly, AI-powered 3D scanning and processing software to accompany an entire range of scanners gives you a seamless, end-to-end workflow.

3D models for your medical device

Get crystal clean 3D models of teeth, mouth, and jaws, to evaluate and plan any, even the most complex, dental treatment.

Plaster cast of teeth

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