“It’s the largest object we ever scanned!” Artec 3D scans gigantic gas engine in Luxembourg

Built in 1938 by German manufacturing company Ehrhardt & Sehmer by order of a Franco-Belgian consortium called “Hauts-fourneaux et Aciéries de Differdange, St-Ingbert & Rumelange” (HADIR), the Groussgasmaschinn is so large it could contain an entire tennis court, and then some.

Science and education

It started during a no-contact lockdown. Now, every Saturday Night Live host is scanned with Artec Space Spider

To best create lifelike and incredibly specific facial props, every Saturday Night Live host is scanned with Artec Space Spider.

Art and design

Artec Space Spider meets Car SOS to restore one of Britain’s best-selling auto classics

Replicating a rare part from a classic car to get it back on the road, and to make one man’s dream come true.

Reverse engineering

Using Artec Space Spider to discover the true evolutionary path of the extinct thylacine

When two researchers set out on an ambitious project focused on the now-extinct thylacine, to accurately perform their analyses, they needed an easy and non-destructive way to digitally capture in submillimeter 3D the crania of hundreds of animals from dozens of different species.

Science and education

Artec Eva and Artec Space Spider help restore confidence in breast cancer survivors

A prosthetics professional needed a way to create a custom-fit external breast prosthesis for post-mastectomy cancer patients, and to make it long lasting, lightweight, and comfortable.


3D scanning for traffic accident reconstruction: How Origin Forensics uses Artec Leo

Every time forensic accident reconstruction expert Jarrod Carter, Ph.D., steps up to a twisted wreck, he sees a book of stories waiting to be told.

Science and education

Creating a one-of-a-kind prosthesis with Artec Eva and Geomagic Freeform

When a German prosthetics firm needed to create a unique lower-leg prosthesis for their patient, they understood that traditional tools and methods wouldn’t be up to the task, so they reached for their 3D scanner.


Using Artec 3D scanners to save all that could be saved from the world’s oldest civilization: Mesopotamia

Over decades, the Iraqi people have faced bombing, war, and destruction – and the heritage that makes up the cradle of civilization has greatly suffered, too. The challenge here was to scan these lands as part of a film made by filmmaker Ivan Erhel.

Science and education

Artec Eva helps unveil the cultural heritage of the Muisca civilization

An archaeologist needed a faster and more precise way to digitally document an important site where the ancient Colombian Muisca civilization was being explored.

Science and education

On scanning horses and digitally presenting them as art with Artec Leo

When a scanner is used on a moving body, it receives conflicting spatial coordinates, so instead of a homogeneous shape, a three-dimensional “motion blur” is the result. In this case, digitally capturing the horses as perfectly as possible was a must.

Art and design

Digitizing the oldest colonial boat in Australia unearthed in future Sydney Metro station

If you hear about something unexpected surfacing in Australia, no one would blame you for first thinking about some kind of wily mammal making its way into town, or an alarmingly large spider that you’d be better off leaving alone. In this case, the surprise came in the form of a boat.

Science and education

Perfect fit. Protection. Comfort. This face mask has it all, thanks to 3D technology

3D scanning with Artec Eva helped a Silicon Valley dad invent the ultimate respiratory mask to protect children against air pollution and viruses.


Oldest known T. rex and Artec 3D meet again for a Japanese museum installation

See how researchers of Naturalis Biodiversity Center used Artec Space Spider to create a 3D replica of the oldest known Tyrannosaurus Rex for Japanese Dinosaur Museum in Nagasaki.

Science and education

Scaling down an intricately designed 20-foot statue with Artec Leo to raise awareness of human trafficking

They say that all roads lead to Rome. And in one case, a smooth journey from Canada to the Vatican was ensured via the use of 3D scanning.

Art and design

Maximizing crop yields with high-throughput phenotyping using Artec Space Spider

A researcher focused on high-throughput phenotyping of perennial ryegrass needed a way to non-destructively measure 160 individual plants in the field 6-8 times over the duration of his project, to help identify specific plants with the most desirable traits for plant breeders and farmers.

Science and education

Exquisite VR/AR-ready 3D models in minutes: the Pikcells way, with Artec Eva

Artec Eva is regularly used both in-house and at client locations for scanning difficult-to-3D model objects, particularly those with complex geometries, after which these scans are transformed into AR/VR-ready 3D models.

Art and design

DNH 155: How Artec Space Spider helped reconstruct a 2-million-year-old skull

Archaeologists working in South Africa’s “Cradle of Humankind” utilized a handheld 3D scanner during excavation & manual reconstruction to help safely piece back together an extremely rare hominid cranium from hundreds of unearthed fragments.

Science and education

How the University of Dundee uses Artec 3D scanners in their Medical Art program and beyond

University medical art students need accurate 3D models as a foundation for their work as medical illustrators. The University of Dundee teaches them how to use Artec Eva and Space Spider for creating 3D models.

Science and education

Equipping helicopters for rescue missions, filming, surveillance, and more with Artec Eva and Space Spider

The task in this case: to equip a helicopter with a downward and diagonally facing camera for capturing aerial views of the area beneath it, for use in rescue missions and environmental surveillance, among other applications.

Industrial design and manufacturing

Artec 3D scanners go over the Andes to shine new light on the history of ancient Peru

An archaeologist needed a way to digitally preserve ancient Peruvian artifacts and petroglyphs in damp, humid conditions, far more reliably and quickly than traditional photogrammetry.

Science and education

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