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Artec scanning solutions for CAD modeling

Rapidly capture objects of all shapes and sizes with Artec 3D scanners, then use CAD software to drive product iteration, quality, and availability. From design to the factory floor, precision Artec 3D scanning is unlocking cost and lead time gains across industries.

3D scanning for CAD modeling


Accelerate product iteration

Digitize prototypes with Artec 3D scanning to streamline first article inspection, accelerate iteration, and get products to market as quickly as possible.

Rapidly uncover design faults

Compare highly accurate 3D scan data with CAD models to uncover flaws early in the design process, before swiftly correcting them to minimize any impact on your bottom line.

Embrace virtual warehousing

Quickly, easily store legacy parts as digital design files to insure your workflow against shortages and minimize future machine downtime.

Unlock efficiency gains

Use geometrically accurate simulation models to uncover opportunities for improving product resilience, compliance, or aerodynamics without resorting to physical prototyping.

CAD files for 3D printing

Reverse engineer, upgrade, and remanufacture products with advanced technologies like 3D printing, even if their original design documentation is damaged or missing.

Lifelike CGI & VR worlds

Turn real-life objects, people, and places into incredibly realistic CAD models, fit for furnishing virtual worlds in video games, TV shows, movies, and VR experiences.

Personalize patient care

Digital measurement allows you to quickly and painlessly capture the data needed to customize medical devices to patients’ needs and accelerate their recovery.

In-house dental modeling

Improve patients’ experiences by switching from dental impression-making to CAD modeling when planning procedures, tracking treatment progress, and previewing results.

Architecture digital twins

Whether you’re building on an existing site or starting from scratch, ultra-accurate CAD data is vital to ensuring peak construction project efficiency, timeliness, and outcomes.

Success stories

Advance your workflow with Artec 3D hardware

Fast, flexible, and easy to use, Artec 3D scanners are perfect for digitization and iteration at pace.

Get CAD-ready with Artec 3D software

Turn accurately captured data into highly detailed 3D meshes, ready for CAD-based design, reverse engineering, and inspection with industry-leading tools.

Stunningly detailed scans for CAD modeling

Accelerate your design workflow by starting with highly accurate 3D scan data. Check out some of the latest ultra-detailed CAD models made with Artec 3D scanning.

Teeth plaster cast captured in 4 minutes

Arm digitized in just 1 minute

Automotive water pump 3D scanned in 10 minutes

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