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A global leader in 3D scanning technology, Artec 3D scanners and software are made in Luxembourg and designed to revolutionize your workflow across a wide range of industries.

Artec Leo

Our most comprehensive 3D scanner featuring wireless technology and an inbuilt touchscreen for instant data projection.

Artec Space Spider

This new-generation metrological device is equipped with automatic temperature stabilization for high-precision scans.

Artec Eva

Our most popular product, Eva is fast, versatile, and accurate.

Artec Eva Lite

Entry-level structured light 3D scanner with geometry-only tracking and data capture.


Create digital twins of large to massive objects with remarkable speed and astounding accuracy.

Artec Micro

High-accuracy desktop 3D scanner for tiny parts, such as engine valves and connectors, jewelry, or dental components.

Artec Metrology Kit: Entry

A 2-micron measurement solution, ideal for inspection and reverse engineering.


Find the 3D scanner best equipped for your industry or application.

Award-winning 3D technology

2019, 2018 Highly Commended

2019 Gold Award Winner

2019 3D Scanning & Metrology Company

2020 Award Winner

2018, 2016 Innovation Award Winner

Used by businesses in all major industries

Captured with Artec 3D scanners

Creating highly accurate 3D models of objects with various textures, sizes, and geometries.

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