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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

How Artec 3D is actively supporting Ukraine

From the very beginning of the war in Ukraine, Artec 3D has focused its global operations on helping to support the people of Ukraine, to meet their immediate and most urgent needs. As part of the Ukraine is calling campaign, an international fundraising campaign for supplying emergency vehicles, Artec 3D had by the end of October collected enough funds for a firetruck and an ambulance.

Artec 3D and LUkraine campaign

An ambulance ready for use in Ukraine, donated by Artec 3D. Image: LUkraine

Continuous humanitarian aid to Ukraine

After months of relentless and repeated assaults, countless thousands of people in Ukraine are struggling from day to day, simply to survive and hope for an eventual end to the bloodshed and destruction. The men and women of Ukraine are paying the ultimate price with their lives, to withstand and turn back the forces that may otherwise set their sights on Europe and beyond.

Even if the war were to suddenly stop today, millions of people have been uprooted from their homes, with their cities and neighborhoods in ruins. Help in the form of first aid, medicines, shelter, food, and clothing is desperately needed. As such, with corporate headquarters in Luxembourg, Artec 3D reached out to the local Ukrainian humanitarian charity LUkraine to establish a partnership and set up a direct channel to provide these essentials on an ongoing basis.

Following an initial €50,000 of donations to LUkraine, Artec put in place a match-and-double donation system with all of its employees, and also began donating 1% from every sale worldwide of its award-winning 3D scanner Artec Leo. Around the world, the Artec 3D partner network of 150+ resellers in more than 50 countries has been encouraged to contribute from 1% to 3% of every Leo scanner sale.

Luxembourg ICT Spring global tech conference: Watch an interview with Artec 3D CEO Art Yukhin in conversation with Luxembourg’s Ukrainian charity LUkraine at this international two-day event, as they discuss collaboration to help Ukraine with sustainable humanitarian aid, the use of Artec 3D scanners in Ukraine, and more.

Read Artec 3D article for ICT Spring about how businesses can provide sustainable aid to Ukraine.

Artec 3D scanners for Ukraine

As a dedicated Artec Gold Certified partner for the past 13 years, KODA Ltd. has been instrumental throughout Artec’s months of efforts to reach out to specialists and officials across multiple regions and industries in Ukraine, to provide our scanners, software, and expertise in the very areas where they will help bring the most positive change.

With an experienced team of specialists focused on all aspects of 3D scanning in healthcare, heritage preservation, reverse engineering, and beyond, KODA Ltd. has continued working with clients across Ukraine throughout the war, despite having to evacuate their main office in Kharkiv, which was under threat of bombing, and relocate to the west of Ukraine, in Khmelnitsky.

High-tech computers for Ukraine

Following a donation of 30 Artec Leo scanners by the Luxembourgish Ministry of Defense, Artec 3D has donated computers, monitors, and more vital equipment to create what will be known as the Computer Center of KNDISE, the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise.

Computers for Kyiv

Alongside the scanners, this powerful hardware will cater to fundamental research needs of various laboratories within the institute, and help document and investigate war crimes.

Digitally preserving Ukraine’s priceless cultural heritage

Ever since war erupted in their country, Artec’s Ukrainian clients and partners such as KODA Ltd. and Skeiron have been racing to digitally capture and preserve more than a millennium of irreplaceable cultural heritage by using the professional 3D scanner Artec Leo.

The submillimeter-precise, color 3D scans of paintings, sculptures, churches, monuments, and more, are being safely archived far from the front lines.

In the unthinkable event that the originals are ever damaged or destroyed, the 3D scans made by Artec scanners will serve as flawless reference models for repairs or reconstruction, via 3D printing or traditional methods.

Beyond this, Ukrainian museums and art curators and are also exploring the deployment of such 3D models on various online platforms, so these unique objects can be visited and explored from anywhere around the world, by educators, students, researchers, and others.

Listen to Luxembourg RTL Radio’s interview with Artec 3D CEO Art Yukhin and KODA Ltd. Director Eugene Zyablin as they discuss the importance of preservation.

Art Yukhin, second left, and Eugene Zyablin, second right, with RTL hosts Steps and Meredith

Delano News: Read more about how Artec 3D scanners are being used to rescue Ukraine’s endangered cultural heritage.

BBC Click

Along with experts and volunteers working to protect Ukraine’s art, architecture, museums, monuments, churches, and heritage, Artec 3D is fully supporting our Ukrainian partners KODA Ltd. and Skeiron in capturing and archiving what’s vulnerable.

In an interview with BBC Click at the British Museum, Artec 3D CEO Art Yukhin emphasized the importance of preserving the unique legacy all around the country. Find out more about the interview here.

Watch the full episode here.

Ukraine is calling

Artec 3D also stands with LUkraine in their latest effort: the organization has recently launched a national fundraising campaign “Ukraine is calling” to raise money for sending 100 emergency vehicles to Ukraine in order to lessen the hardships being faced by those at the forefront. Find out more about this campaign here.

Water to every home

LUkraine’s Water to every home project is committed to providing Ukrainians with access to drinking water by drilling wells in the areas where water is most needed. One well drilling costs €40,000 and provides 2,000-3,000 people with drinking water; Artec is partnering with LUkraine in the building of the first well in Apostolove, Dnipro region.

Preserving cultural heritage

After launching #SaveUkrainianHeritage to save architectural monuments at risk, Skeiron, with the support of Artec 3D, initiated “Museum in 3D.” Now featured on Google Arts and Culture, the ongoing project boasts more than 200 museum artifacts scanned with Artec Leo, which can all be accessed and viewed online.

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