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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Artec 3D donates computers to Kyiv to support investigating war crimes in Ukraine

Computers for Kyiv

As part of their efforts in supporting Ukraine during the ongoing Russian invasion, the industry-leading 3D scanning company Artec 3D has donated computers, monitors, system units, along with more vital equipment to create what will be known as the Computer Center of KNDISE, the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise. Alongside the Artec 3D scanners previously received from the Luxembourgish Ministry of Defense, this powerful hardware will respond to fundamental research needs of various laboratories within the institute, as well as help document and investigate war crimes on the territory of Ukraine.

In addition to facilitating the work of forensic officers, this hardware will be utilized by explosives experts, automotive technicians, construction engineers, and other specialists whose expertise and assistance might be solicited during criminal probes. Now that the entire teams of specialists are geared with everything they need to do their work, forensic investigation in Ukraine will be taken to a new level.

“Such powerful support will significantly speed up and improve the work of KNDISE forensic experts in the performance of examinations, primarily related to war crimes committed by Russia on the territory of Ukraine,” said Natalia Nestor, Deputy Director, Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise.

While 3D scanners are helping KNDISE experts capture potential evidence of war crimes and other horrifying consequences of the aggression before these traces are contaminated, damaged, or lost, the computers and other equipment provided by Artec 3D will streamline a much wider scope of work, including data processing and other types of further analysis.

“Forensic documentation of war crimes plays a crucial role in building international court cases, which is essential in bringing the aggressor to justice,” said Art Yukhin, CEO of Artec 3D. “Artec 3D is proud to contribute towards evidence collection for the Ukrainian law enforcement and judicial system.”