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Artec 3D scanning for custom prosthetics

Tailor prosthetics to patients with a new level of speed and accuracy using Artec 3D scanners.

3D scanning for prosthetics

With Artec 3D scanning, you can easily take precise, non-contact measurements of patients in seconds. Utilizing these scans, it’s then possible to create whatever prosthetic they may need, whether that be an initial check socket or full artificial limb. No more plaster casting or tangled tape measures to get in your way.


Tailor-make prosthetics

Whether you’re creating prosthetics for a senior citizen or an athlete, starting with the right data is vital – Artec 3D scanning allows you to get this accurately and non-intrusively.

Treat debilitating diseases

Improve the lives of deadly disease survivors with lightweight, durable body implants that look and feel like a natural extension of their anatomies.

Monitor residual limbs

Artec 3D scanners make it easy to track residual limb changes with submillimeter precision, and transition patients from check sockets to prosthetics.

Aid patient recovery

Using Artec 3D scanners, doctors can assess limbs before and after surgery, and make potentially life-changing recommendations.

Draw on existing ideas

With Artec 3D scanning you don’t have to start from scratch – reverse engineer existing sockets, casts, and molds as a basis for your own.

Dream up new designs

Boost the appeal of prosthetics – use patient 3D scan data to develop custom false limbs with upgrades such as waterproofing.

Success stories

Artec 3D hardware

Artec 3D scanning allows clinicians to rapidly take measurements of patients’ bodies, assess their response to surgeries, and create implants or prosthetics that improve quality of life.

Artec 3D software

Make light work of 3D scanning with Artec Studio, which compensates for movement, so you don’t have to worry about accuracy errors caused by patient shuffling.

Accurately digitized body parts – ideal for creating prosthetics

Artec 3D scan data is so accurate that it can be used to develop dental, orthotic, prosthetic and other medical implants that look like a genuine extension of patients’ bodies.

Bust model captured with hair using Artec Leo in 1 minute

Hand and forearm, captured with Artec Eva in 1 minute

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