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Portable 3D scanners

Artec 3D is a global leader in 3D scanning technology, providing the best and most comprehensive 3D scanners and processing software applicable in a wide range of industries

Compare 3D scanners' specs

Leo Space Spider Micro Eva / Eva Lite Ray Metrology Kit
Scanner type
Handheld, tetherless Handheld Desktop Handheld Long-range Photogrammetry kit
Size of scanning object/area
Medium to large Small Very small Medium Large to very large Medium to very large
Accuracy, up to
0.1 mm 0.05 mm 0.01 mm 0.1 mm 0.7 mm @15 m 0.002 mm
Resolution, up to
0.5 mm 0.1 mm 0.029 mm 0.2 / 0.5 mm 0.0125° N/A
Target-free technology
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Color + geometry tracking
Yes Yes Yes Yes / No Yes N/A
Scanning software
On-board software Artec Studio Artec Studio Artec Studio Artec Studio or Artec Remote App Artec Metrology Kit Plugin for Artec Studio
3D mesh export formats

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Artec 3D scanners: essential tools for every phase of product lifecycle management


Dream. Delineate. Innovate.

Synergize the technical requirements of what must be, together with what could be.

From the many, focus on one: decide upon a design and move ahead.

Work up preliminary design and measurement via paper and ultimately CAD software.

Implement portable 3D scanner for creating 3D models quickly.

Review and analyze design until ready for prototyping.



where it all takes shape.

First prototypes created and iteratively tested.

Enhance CAD designs with greater complexity, improved structures.

3D scanning device for accelerated capture-and-refine sequencing using 3D images.

Simulation & analyses including CAE, FEA, CFD, etc.

Detailed master design achieved, rapid prototype with precise measurement created with handheld 3D scanner.


Faster. Stronger. Better.

Components, tools, and materials gathered and/or sourced, quantities determined.

Creation of first run production units for in-house use.

First article inspection with handheld 3D scanners to reveal contrasts with CAD model.

Pre-production (QA) testing and accurate measurement prior to full product launch.

Employ 3D scanning to devise damage-free packaging solutions.


Support & Service

focused inquiry leading to refinement & excellence

First day of use to completion of product lifecycle.

Comprehensive reviews of manufacturing, product performance, longevity, recurring issues, failures.

Integrate feedback to evolve design, manufacturing, and development of more effective marketing and sales.

Optimize long-term support via portable 3D scanning for reverse engineering legacy and out-of-stock parts.