Portable 3D Scanners

Artec Leo 3D scanner
Our fastest professional handheld 3D scanner yet. Encompassing the latest technologies in data capture, transfer and processing, this untethered 3D solution will revolutionize your workflow.
Real time onscreen 3D model projection and processing
Wireless technology with an inbuilt touch screen and battery
Extended field of view for capturing both large and small objects
Artec Space Spider 3D scanner
High precision, portable metrological 3D scanning solution based on blue-light technology, perfect for capturing small objects with intricate details, such as a cylinder head, coins or a human ear.
Up to 0.1 mm 3D resolution and up to 0.05 mm 3D accuracy
Wide range of applications in reverse-engineering, quality control and more
Fast capturing speed and no need for targets
Artec Micro 3D scanner
Ultra-high-precision metrology-grade desktop 3D scanner, ideal for quality control, jewelry, as well as medical/dental objects. Excels at capturing small objects with complex and intricate surfaces.
Up to 10 microns accuracy
Perfect for quality testing and reverse engineering
Easy, automated data capture with just one click
Artec Ray 3D scanner
A long range laser scanner for capturing large objects, such as airplanes, wind turbines, rooms or buildings with high precision and minimum noise. Each scan has a range of up to 110m.
Submillimeter distance accuracy and best in class angular accuracy
Clean data capture means postprocessing time is reduced to a minimum
Ideal for reverse engineering, quality control and BIM
Artec Eva 3D scanner
Our bestselling portable 3D scanner for fast, accurate scanning. Great for capturing all kinds of medium sized objects such as a motorcycle exhaust system, the human body or furniture.
Make fast, high-quality scans of any object
No need for targets or calibration. Just point and shoot
Hybrid geometry and color tracking and data capture
Artec Eva Lite 3D scanner
The most affordable handheld 3D scanner for professional results. A good option for medical applications and creating customized healthcare solutions.
Highly-accurate results
Light, portable and safe to use
Geometry only tracking and data capture
Automated 3D scanning solution comprising a UR3 robotic arm and a Space Spider 3D scanner, perfect for capturing a large volume of different objects in high quality.
Features both manual and automatic scanning modes
Get high-resolution 3D scans with no risk of human error
Wide range of applications, including e-commerce and 3D museum collections
Shapify Booth
Automated 3D body scanning booth. Equipped with four high resolution Artec 3D scanners, the booth can scan a person in 12 seconds and produce a printable 3D file in 15 minutes.
Scan up to 800 people a day
Fully automated 3D processing
Suitable for advanced research in body measurements

Bringing you the best in handheld 3D solutions since 2008

Artec 3D is a global leader in 3D scanning technology, providing the best and most comprehensive 3D scanners and post-processing software applicable in a wide range of industries

Reverse engineering
Industrial design
and manufacturing
Science and education
Art and design
Speed and accuracy Get the most accurate 3D images with Artec’s cutting-edge capturing and processing technology. Achieve professional results with high-speed capturing of objects.
Portability and compatibility Discover the limitless possibilities of 3D scanning with our portable 3D devices. Lightweight, mobile and compatible with several popular tablets, Artec scanners can be used absolutely anywhere to ensure a smooth capturing process without having to relocate objects to a particular place.
Ease of use, no need for targets Our portable 3D scanners are engineered to easily be used by both experienced and first-time users, with expert guidance available during every stage of capture and post-processing. Advanced tracking ensures the best data capture possible and eliminates the need for using targets, which is a great time saver.