Artec Shapify Booth

A one-click 3D body scanner based on Artec’s high precision 3D technology with exclusive automated 3D modelling software used to capture the shape of the human body with great accuracy.

One-click body scanning in 12 seconds with automatic data

3D full body scanning with Shapify Booth

12 seconds

Scan a person or even a couple

5 minutes

See a detailed preview of a 3D model

15 minutes

Printable model is ready

Shapify Booth 3D body scanner: How it works

The core of the Shapify technology is the booth’s four wide-view high-resolution 3D scanners and automatic post-processing software. The scanners make a full circle around a person to capture the shape of their body from all angles. Getting precise measurements of the body makes it possible to replicate even the smallest details from the person’s posture to the creases in their clothes.

The scans captured in the booth are then automatically aligned, fused and turned into a watertight digital 3D replica of the person, ready for 3D printing. The full-color 3D portrait, or shapie, can be used in a variety of applications, from creating a timeless keepsake – a 3D printed figurine, to collecting body measurement data, opening up new opportunities for technological advances in fields such as medicine, dietology and fashion.

Artec Shapify Booth
For 3D portraits,
body measurements,
personal avatar creation

Which 3D scanner?

Artec Eva


Our bestselling 3D scanner. Fast, versatile and accurate.

Artec Eva Lite

Eva Lite

Entry level structured light 3D scanner with geometry only tracking and data capture.

Artec Spider

Space Spider

A metrological structured light 3D scanner, with automatic temperature stabilization for high precision results.

Artec Leo


Our revolutionary tetherless 3D scanner with real-time 3D data projection.

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