Industrial design and manufacturing 3D models

Scanning with   Eva Space Spider All
S. Spider
Ball joint 3D model

A very simple part to scan and a good example of scanning holes.

S. Spider
Carburetor 3D model

The complex geometry of this carburetor makes it a very simple object to 3D scan!

S. Spider
Compressor 3D model

This car compressor was placed on a rotating platform, which made scanning easy and fast. A very noticeable feature on this model is the holes.

S. Spider
Delphi compressor 3D model

Owing to the grainy structure of its texture this compressor makes an excellent scanning object.

Engine 3D model

The body of the engine and the larger details were scanned with Artec Eva. Spider was used to capture the more intricate geometry.

S. Spider
Eva 3D model

Have you ever scanned a scanner? We have! There were a few areas on the scanner with little geometry and texture variation.

S. Spider
Gear 3D model

A good example of a symmetrical object, which is impossible for other scanners to capture without the application of stickers.

Hydrant 3D model

This is a 3D model of a working hydrant on a street in Palo Alto, CA. To scan it, we used an Artec Eva connected to an Artec battery and a tablet for full scanning mobility.

S. Spider
Measuring Tape 3D model

This measuring tape was scanned as a potential demo object.

S. Spider
Medium-sized screw 3D model

This screw was scanned with Artec Spider after being sprayed with gloss reducing powder. A pair of pliers held the bolt vertically.

S. Spider
Panasonic GH4 3D model

We scanned our Panasonic GH4 with our Artec Space Spider. This was an untreated scan, so we scanned the camera as-is with no prep.

S. Spider
Power drill 3D model

Well used Ridgid power drill scanned with the Artec Spider.

S. Spider
Spanner 3D model

A relatively easy object for scanning - the only challenges were its shiny surface (easily countered by anti-gloss spray) and the thin edges.

S. Spider
Stanley screwdriver 3D model

Small ratcheting screwdriver scanned with the Artec spider. Scanned in two passes, both laying on its side.

S. Spider
Steering joint 3D model

This part has a cylindrical shape, which is difficult for any scanner. But we found an easier way to scan it.

Tower well valve 3D model

An early 1900’s tower well valve scanned on-site with Artec Eva, connected to a portable battery and a tablet.

Transmission 3D model

An old transmission box, scanned with Eva. A good example of a challenging object, since it has a lot of deep holes.

VW bus 3D model

This hippie bus was scanned with Artec Eva. The bottom parts that could not be accessed with the scanner were modeled in third-party software.

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