3ds Max 3D models

Scanned using Artec 3D technology
Borderlands cosplayer 3D model

A cosplay of an armed mercenary girl from a popular videogame Borderlands.

S. Spider
Chandelier 3D model

This chandelier has fantastic geometry and good original texture for smooth tracking.

S. Spider
Dagger 3D model

A sharp dagger with fine woven metal mail on the handle.

Damaliscus Korrigum 3D model

A beautiful skull of an African antelope, captured with Eva in two scans: the front and the back. These were then automatically aligned in Artec Studio.

Deathstroke cosplayer 3D model

A cosplay of a ruthless mercenary from DC comics universe - Deathstroke.

S. Spider
Decorative plate 3D model

Even though this plate has a thin and narrow edge, Artec Spider scanned it with ease, using the texture of the background.

Decorative vase 3D model

The symmetrical geometry of this vase could have made it difficult to scan, but thanks to its rich texture, capturing it with Eva was fast and very easy.

S. Spider
Eye 3D model

A quick self scan of an eye. A very noticeable thing here is that Spider has scanned past the natural eye lens and captured the correct position of the iris.

Pumpkin 3D model

To create this high-quality 3D model, both the interior and exterior of this bright orange pumpkin were scanned using Eva and Space Spider.

S. Spider
Sea shell 3D model

Even though the sea shell has complex geometrical curves and arms, its surface was easily captured with Artec Spider.

Spinal bone  3D model

Although being slightly bigger than the original, this object still disproves the myth that Eva is only suitable for large objects.

S. Spider
Starfish 3D model

The object has a lot of fine geometry and small complex sections for scanning.

Striped Shoe 3D model

Leather surfaces often reflect the white glare from a scanner's flash. In order to prevent that we slightly tilted the scanner to avoid scanning at a 90° angle.

Eva Lite
Torso 3D model

This 3D model of a torso, captured with the Eva Lite scanner, has multiple applications in various industries including CGI, art, science and especially, healthcare.

Transmission 3D model

An old transmission box, scanned with Eva. A good example of a challenging object, since it has a lot of deep holes.

S. Spider
Turkana Boy 3D model

Just like the Fox Skull, Turkana Boy skull consisted of two separate parts that were scanned separately, and aligned afterwards.

VW bus 3D model

This hippie bus was scanned with Artec Eva. The bottom parts that could not be accessed with the scanner were modeled in third-party software.

Werewolf 3D model

Capturing both hair and fur can be quite tricky, but this 3D model of a very furry werewolf, made with Eva, shows that nothing is impossible!