This precise 3D scan of a human torso was digitally captured with an Eva Lite and processed in just under 5 minutes. Perfect for creating customized healthcare solutions, such as corsets and back braces.

Pairing Eva Lite with the portable battery pack allows scanning absolutely anywhere, ensuring a fast and easy 3D scanning process. Taking a close look at the model, even in such a quick scan, the level of detail present is remarkable: the location and contours of the scapulae, the curvature of the spine and the shape of the lumbar and other spinal muscles, as well as the well-defined pectorals and abdominal muscles. Even the lower portions of the sternocleidomastoids have been captured in vibrant 3D.

Scanning time: 
2 min
Processing time: 
2 min
Download 3D model:
OBJ [1.51 MB]
STL [2.24 MB]
_3DS [2.62 MB]