Artec Studio 14

Industry acclaimed software for professional 3D scanning and data processing

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Making accurate
3D models

has never been so straightforward


Artec Studio features Autopilot,

an advanced smart mode which guides users through 3D scanning and data processing in a few easy steps.

Answer some simple questions about the object you have scanned and Artec’s advanced 3D imaging software will select the most effective 3D algorithms for your data and will develop a high precision model ready for use in your professional application.

Key Features

high precision

High precision

Whether you choose Autopilot or manual mode, Artec Studio never compromises on precision.

advanced settings

Optional advanced settings

Artec Studio features a full range of advanced settings giving experienced users full control and flexibility.


Built with speed in mind

Powerful technologies to process your data in seconds.

huge data

Create and process huge datasets

Artec Studio is so powerful that you can work with datasets of up to 500 million polygons. Perfect for scanning large objects and for making 3D models in maximum resolution.

CAD compatibility

Direct compatibility with CAD

Create a 3D model in Artec Studio and directly export it to SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD and Design X.

glare free

Glare-free scans

The new Automatic Glare Removal feature uses advanced PBR algorithms to rid your scans of one of professional 3D scanning’s dreaded villains: glare. Can easily save you hours of time.

Even new users can 3D scan black, shiny or fine areas

Artec Studio 14 analyzes the surface of your object and automatically adjusts the sensitivity of your scanner to pick up even tricky areas for 3D scanning. As a result, even new users can digitize black, shiny objects or hair with ease!

Export your model

to the industry’s best reverse engineering and 3D modeling software

Artec Studio

Easy scanning
No compromise precision

Easy 3D scanning in Artec Studio

Powerful 3D imaging software is critical to a smooth scanning experience. It quite literally controls how the scanner captures data and with what level of precision. Artec Studio features the most advanced 3D data algorithms which give you high precision in your results, while at the same time make 3D scanning intuitive and user-friendly.

It’s very simple to scan in Artec Studio thanks to the new 3D Radar mode. Artec Studio will show you that you are holding the scanner at the optimal distance by visualizing the real-time 3D data in green. Move the scanner a little too close and the image will turn red, a little too far back and it will turn blue. Keep the data capture green to be sure you are getting the best results.

Powerful algorithms for fast, intuitive scanning

  • No need prepare your object in advance, just point the 3D scanner and shoot.
  • Best in class texture and geometry tracking algorithms for the quickest and smoothest scanning experience.
  • Auto-continue allows you to stop scanning and then instantly pick up where you left off.
  • New algorithms for scanning black, shiny or fine objects with ease.
  • Smart base removal automatically eliminates the base on which your object is standing, even if that surface is curved, and deletes everything below this section. This leaves you with just the data you need, without having to edit it out.

Mobility. A lighter and more accessible solution for scanning in the field

Scan with ease and freedom on a tablet

The interface of Artec’s smart 3D scanning software is optimized for tablet use. You can easily manipulate all the tools of Artec Studio to produce perfect results on a tablet and have greater freedom of movement at the same time.

Increased tablet compatibility

Artec Studio’s algorithms have been enhanced for use even on tablets featuring Intel GPU, greatly increasing the range of tablets which are fully compatible with 3D scanning. Tried and tested tablets are MS Surface Pro 4, MS Surface Pro 3 and Wacom Cintiq Companion 2.

Boosted rendering speed for scanning large objects

Now it is faster and easier than ever to scan large objects in Artec Studio, thanks to the new and improved memory distribution.

Scan on a Mac

In addition to installing Artec Studio via Bootcamp, Mac users can also make high quality, accurate scans using our free ScanApp standalone application. Both new and experienced users will appreciate the easy way to scan, as well as the clean, ergonomic interface. Users can perform basic model processing in ScanApp and then export the results for more extensive processing in Artec Studio on a Windows PC or their Mac via Bootcamp.

Turning your scan data into a 3D model

The processing workflow explained.

Fast, Automated Post-Processing

Whether you are new to 3D scanning and require step-by-step guidance in 3D data processing, or are
an experienced user looking to speed up your workflow, Artec Studio’s breakthrough automated
processing features set a new horizon in 3D scanning.

Autopilot mode:
no compromise precision

Using the AS Autopilot, run through 4 easy steps to an accurate, watertight model.

Automatically applies the optimal post-processing algorithms for your object in order to achieve the best possible result.
Full post-processing timeline, totally automatic.
Perfect for beginners, a great time saver for advanced users.

Step 1

Answer a few simple questions about your object and the type of 3D model you need.

Step 2

Delete any unwanted scanned data.

Step 3

Auto align your data in one click.

Step 4

Autopilot applies the best processing algorithms to your data.


A high precision 3D model.

Manual mode

Controlled, flexible processing at breathtaking speed

Artec Studio also features a full range of tools for you to process your 3D model manually, giving you full control over your data. Included are many features which streamline your workflow, making it even faster to achieve the results you need.

Automatic base removal

Automatically delete the base your object was scanned on. No need to manually erase that table, stand, or floor!

Automatic base removal mode

Fast, accurate scan alignment

Auto-align for quick, easy processing. Now 95% of objects can be auto-aligned with total accuracy at the click of a button

Scan auto-align

Process in seconds

Save minutes on processing small objects, hours on larger projects!

Scan texture applying

Apply texture at lightning speed

Add high quality texture to your model in no time!

Scan texture applying

Simplify your mesh in a flash

Optimize the size of your final file by reducing the number of polygons from millions to thousands while maintaining the high quality of the mesh.

Scan size optimization

Edit your 3D model just how you want to

Smart geometry editing

Touch up the geometry in a few quick clicks with Artec Studio’s intuitive editing tools

Rapid, automatized and precise texture editing

Use Artec Studio’s advanced algorithms to automatically map texture where data is missing.

Organically patch and seal up any holes with bridges

Artec Studio’s new Bridges feature uses your scan’s existing geometry to repair holes by creating custom surfaces.

Artec Studio 14

Working with 3D models

Analyze your 3D model

Measure its surface and volume

Annotate it

Export linear, geodesic and sections measurements in DXF, CSV and XML

Compare scans and CAD models with heat distance maps

3D model export

Direct Scan to SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD

Artec Studio 14 continues its solid tradition of effortless integration from 3D scan to CAD with a range of crucial tools for technicians, engineers, and designers, and others.

As before, with just one click, your 3D models can be sent over to 3D Systems Design X. Or install the Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS plugin on your computer, then you’re just a click away from landing your 3D model directly in SOLIDWORKS. And now it’s possible to work directly with SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD by exporting multiple sections of your models from Artec Studio.

Easy sharing

Publish on the Internet and embed the model on your site.

Hassle-free export into a wide range of formats: OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, PTX, BTX, AOP, ASCII, Disney PTEX, E57, XYZRGB.

Compatibility with the most popular reverse engineering and 3D modeling software:

What else do I need to know about Artec Studio?

Full-featured GUI

Artec’s 3D scanning software comes with a full-featured interface that allows you to manipulate your scans.

  • Projects and built-in Undo/Redo
  • 3D editing tools (eraser, smoothing brush, transformation tools)
  • Advanced 3D processing algorithms, including: auto-align, hole filling, mesh smoothing, filtration, edge smoothing and much more

Localization for 12 languages

Chinese Simplified

Chinese Traditional











Documentation and Customer Support

Read the comprehensive Artec Studio manual
or ask our dedicated support team for help.

What’s new in Artec Studio 14

Unsurpassed power, breathtaking ease-of-use

Once again, we’ve set the bar even higher for the newest version of Artec Studio. Be prepared to be amazed. From integration with our newest scanners to time-slashing speed boosts and brilliant new features designed to kick your productivity and expert results up to the stratosphere, not to mention enhanced functionality that you’ve been asking for. We’ve listened. Now let’s take a quick peek under the hood.

Time saving and ergonomics
Advanced 3D modelling
Expanded CAD/CAM functionality
Ideal for quality inspection

A look inside the latest version of Artec Studio

Time saving and ergonomics

When it comes to those helpful features and time-saving enhancements that make your workflow that much smoother, we've got you covered. Once you give these a try, you’ll wonder what you ever did without them. There’s something here for everyone, from hummingbird-fast speed rises, to one-click positioning, a more robust autopilot, eye-opening animation, and that’s just the beginning.

One-Click Auto-Positioning

Now you’re just a click away from setting the default position of your 3D object in Artec Studio 14. This way the object appears in precisely the position you choose, every time you open the file. Whether it’s a 3D scan of a person that needs to be facing in a specific position, or a technical scan of a machine or part, where differentiating left from right is crucial, Artec Studio 14 has it covered. Particularly useful for medical applications.

Texture Mapping Speed

Imagine an 800% boost in the speed of texture mapping, so when you click the stop button, your scan will be ready faster than ever before. No need to dream about this, because it’s already here! Artec Studio 14 has the quickest and sleekest texture mapping algorithms to date, which means more scans in less time.

Enhanced Autopilot

Fully automatic or semi? Now you have the choice! In Artec Studio 14, users of Leo, Eva, and Space Spider can now choose whether to include Auto-Align in the process or not. This optional feature can be a real time saver, allowing users to decide the best path forward for their specific projects.

Streamlined Registration

Cutting even more time off your scan processing workflow, the new enhanced registration workflow now skips the Fine Registration step altogether, resulting in faster registration without any sacrifice in quality. Users can still opt for Fine Registration if desired.

Sequence Animation

Watch as your scans smoothly click into place during sequences such as global registration. This is ideal for crystal-clear before and after perspectives of your objects, as well as seeing at a glance whether everything has transitioned properly.

3D Radar mode

Sound Notification

Now, to help you save even more time while working with Artec Studio 14, after the completion of every long (>30 seconds) process, users will hear a pleasant sound notification. This handy feature frees you up to focus on other tasks, knowing that you’ll be coming back exactly when it’s time for the next step.

And more…

Other super useful and much-asked-for changes awaiting you: Auto Export Naming, Variable Eraser Color, and straightforward Scanner Type Detection. All designed to make your work in Artec Studio 14 more efficient and straightforward than ever.

Advanced 3D modelling

Year after year, when it comes to vibrant, full-spectrum capture of color, Artec scanners have been cruising at the exosphere. And now with these new features and enhancements, 3D modelers and CGI specialists can bring magic to life on the screen or in AR & VR applications in a fraction of the time previously needed.

Glare Removal. Saving you hours of work

What you’re about to read will forever change your expectations of 3D scanning software. Every scanning technician knows that even a few splashes of glare can ruin the best of 3D models. But removing glare manually can eat up buckets of your valuable time. With the new Glare Removal feature, built on PBR (Physically Based Rendering), all that’s history! Artec Studio 14 lets you adjust the level of glare removal, then click and go! After this, just sit back and watch as areas ruined by glare spring to life in reflection-free color.

Because of its wickedly-smart algorithms, not only is it way faster than any human can do it by hand, but the results are also far more lifelike, since it's mathematically differentiating and selecting the very best microsurfaces to sample from. Then you can easily add dynamic glare in your 3D viewing program so as you turn your 3D model the glare changes accordingly. Ideal for 3D modeling, color 3D printing, CGI, and other applications.


Fixing holes in your 3D scans can be a long and time-consuming process. Now Artec Studio 14 has made it a whole lot easier with the new Bridges feature, allowing you to organically mend and seal up holes and gaps in your scans better than ever before. Working off the existing geometry of the scan, Bridges lets you zoom in from multiple perspectives, giving you a sparrow's eye view of the 3D landscape as you create custom edges, corners, dents, and bumps between the edges of your 3D object, even connecting up two separate geometrical parts! Then with a few clicks of the mouse, all your scan’s gaps, cracks, and craters will be a thing of the past. Custom settings for curvature and smoothness.

Dynamic Auto Brightness

During scanning, especially with all-too-common uneven lighting conditions and high contrasts, it’s crucial to avoid overexposure of your object. With Artec Studio 14’s new Dynamic Auto Brightness, the software’s latest visual differentiation algorithms take care of all that for you. It automatically tailors the brightness to optimal levels both during preview and throughout the duration of the scan, setting the correct levels of brightness for both dark and light objects, even if you have differing lighting conditions in the same field of view. The end result is a perfectly exposed scan every time.

Expanded CAD/CAM functionality

In the past, exporting over to CAD/CAM applications would require a go-between application to add surfaces to your model. But now in Artec Studio 14, for some reverse engineering workflows this step has been slashed altogether!


Direct Export to SOLIDWORKS & AutoCAD

For users exporting files over to SOLIDWORKS or other CAD/CAM applications, you can now fluidly export unlimited numbers of open and closed contours as CSV or DXF files. Allows you to reverse engineer simple shapes at wildfire speed using only Artec Studio and SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD, avoiding the need for additional software to accomplish this step. A real time-saver and ideal for engineers, packaging makers and others.

Ideal for quality inspection

Users in need of peerless metrology-grade color 3D scanning solutions for quality assurance have reason to celebrate. With our industrial desktop 3D scanner Artec Micro and long-range, tripod-mounted laser scanner Artec Ray, you have all the tools at hand for precise, breathtaking digital capture of objects in Artec Studio. Ideal for quality inspection, reverse engineering, industrial design, and more.

Integration with Artec Micro

Integration with Artec Micro

Since the last version of Artec Studio was released, a new member of the Artec scanner family has stepped onto the stage: Artec Micro, a brilliant desktop scanner designed for unrivalled, one-click quality inspection of small and tiny objects. With a staggering point accuracy of up to 10 microns, Micro excels at quality assurance and reverse engineering, as well as jewelry, design, and dental applications. Artec Studio 14 is integrated with Micro, so long-time users of the software can look forward to Studio’s great features and unparalleled performance while scanning and post-processing with Micro.

Target-Free Registration for Artec Ray

Target-Free Registration for Artec Ray

A true milestone has been achieved! In Artec Studio 14, time-pressured users of our long-range 3D laser scanner Artec Ray now have the ability to perform stunningly-fast geometry-only Global Registration without needing to set up spheres or two 2D targets. Transcending others in its class in both submillimeter precision and angular accuracy, Ray delivers exceptional scans with a bare minimum of noise, which translates to reduced project times and outstanding results. Additionally, users have the option for hybrid registration via the use of geometry + 2D targets. Even with huge data sets, you’ll be registering your scans faster than you ever dreamed.

Fully Functional 30-day free trial

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Professional or Ultimate?

Choosing the right 3D software.

Artec Studio 14


For use with Artec 3D scanners


Use all of Artec Studio's advanced features for scanning and processing 3D data exclusively from Artec scanners:
Artec Leo, Artec Ray, Eva, Eva Lite, Space Spider, Spider, plus discontinued models (MH and MHT series AG, AC, W2 and T2).

Yearly subscription* from US $1200 Buy now
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Artec Studio 13


For use with Artec 3D scanners and 3rd party sensors

Maximise Artec's algorithms and use the 3D software together with a range of sensors, as well as Artec scanners:
Artec Leo, Artec Ray, Eva, Eva Lite, Space Spider, Spider, plus discontinued models (MH and MHT series AG, AC, W2 and T2),
Kinect for Windows V2, Kinect for Windows V1, Intel RealSense F200 (IVCAM), Intel RealSense R200 (DS4), PrimeSense Carmine, ASUS Xtion, XYZprinting 3D Scanner.

Yearly subscription* from US $1200 Buy now
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Artec Studio version

  14 13 12
Easy scanning
Auto-brightness Dynamic +  
Automated sensitivity for scanning black, shiny, fine objects + + +
3D Radar mode + +  
Texture and geometry tracking + + +
Fast, powerful 3D processing
Autopilot: automatic post-processing pipeline Customizable + +
Support of large datasets Up to 500 million polygons Up to 500 million polygons Up to 50 million polygons
Global registration: Object range Up to 250% greater than AS12 Up to 250% greater than AS12  
Global registration: Speed 2X the speed of AS12 2X the speed of AS12 Up to 10 times faster than AS11
Global registration: Settings Customizable for greater accuracy or speed Customizable for greater accuracy or speed  
Fine registration Streamlined & optional Mandatory Mandatory
Texture mapping 800% faster than AS13    
Smart base removal + + +
Auto-Align: texture + geometry based + + +
Fast mesh simplification + + +
X-Ray mode + +  
Max error mode Enhanced for easy scan data inspection Enhanced for easy scan data inspection +
Dazzling visuals
Sequence animation +    
Geometry rendering High-detail High-detail Glossy
Texture rendering High-detail High-detail Glossy
Optimized raw data rendering + +  
Smooth rendering of 3D models Up to 500 million polygons Up to 500 million polygons  
Advanced editing & 3D modeling tools
Auto glare removal +    
Bridges +    
Flexible plane selection + +  
Auto texture correction + + +
Texture healing brush + + +
Enhanced Defeature Tool, Eraser and Lasso + + Basic
Sound notification +    
One-click Auto-Positioning + Basic Basic
3D rotation cube + +  
3Dconnexion 3D mouse compatibility + + +
Auto-export naming +    
Scanner Type Detection Streamlined Manual Manual
Measurement tools
Linear, geodesic, sections, distance maps, volume, annotations, CSV, DXF, XML export + + Basic
Export mesh square and mesh volume + + +
Direct scan to CAD
Export multiple open and closed contours directly to CAD Polyline format for reverse engineering Single line format +
Direct export to Design X + + +
Direct export to SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS 2014-2019 SOLIDWORKS 2014-2018 SOLIDWORKS 2014-2017
Ideal for quality inspection
Scan & process data from Artec Ray high-accuracy long-range scanner + +  
Target-free registration for Artec Ray +    
Scan & process data from Artec Micro metrology grade desktop scanner +    
Export formats
Full range of export 3D formats OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, BTX, PTX, AOP, ASC, Disney PTEX, E57, XYZRGB OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, BTX, PTX, AOP, ASC, Disney PTEX, E57, XYZRGB OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, AOP, ASC, Disney PTEX, E57, XYZRGB
Hardware support
3rd party sensor support N/A Ultimate Edition: Microsoft Kinect, ASUS XTion, PrimeSense, Intel RealSense F200, R200 & SR300, XYZprinting 3D scanner Ultimate Edition: Microsoft Kinect, ASUS XTion, PrimeSense, Intel RealSense F200, R200 & SR300, XYZprinting 3D scanner
Scanning on MacOS Artec ScanApp beta or Boot Camp Artec ScanApp beta or Boot Camp Artec ScanApp beta or Boot Camp
Video card compatibility
NVIDIA Quadro + + +
NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series or higher + + +
AMD + + +
Intel Series 4600 and higher + + +

Artec 3D scanners compatible with AS14: Artec Micro, Leo, Ray, Space Spider, Eva, Eva Lite, plus discontinued models (Spider, MH and MHT series AG, AC, W2 and T2)*
*For full information on compatibility with discontinued scanners, please contact

Artec Studio 13 & Sensors

A great way in to the world of 3D scanning

Perfect for schools or self-learning

Artec Studio Ultimate

Download free 30 day trial


Using Artec Studio Ultimate and a compatible 3D sensor like the Kinect 2 is an excellent way of learning the skills needed for 3D scanning and processing.

Whether you just want to experiment before buying a professional grade 3D scanner or just to do some 3D scanning at home, Artec Studio Ultimate will allow you to start exploring the world of 3D technology.

Learn how to scan
Artec Studio & Sensors
What can I scan?
Move the sensor around the object. Real-time alignment shows you what has been 3D scanned and what is still left to be scanned.
You can try scanning all sorts of objects, but a good place to start might be body scanning or capturing a room, or section of a room in 3D.

Process your data

Align all 3D scans

1. Alignment

Align all your scans together. If you didn’t capture some areas, just scan that missing section and add it to your set of scans.

Create 3D model

2. Create 3D model

Combine your raw data into a 3D mesh.

Apply texture to the 3D object

3. Add texture

Apply texture to your object with one click.

4. Export

Export your model into any of the commonly used 3D formats: OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, AOP, ASCII, Disney PTX, E57, XYZRGB

Sensors compatible with Artec Studio 13 Ultimate:

Kinect for Windows V1 & V2, Intel RealSense F200 (IVCAM), R200 (DS4) & SR300, PrimeSense Carmine, ASUS Xtion, XYZprinting 3D scanner

For further info, please see our FAQ on scanning with sensors.

Free one-year Artec Studio Ultimate license with Wacom MobileStudio Pro

Users of MobileStudio Pro 13’’ & 16’’ i7 512 GB Wacom tablets can enjoy a free one-year license of Artec Studio 13 Ultimate 3D scanning software to use together with the built-in Intel RealSense 3D sensor or one of Artec’s state of the art 3D scanners.

Enjoy fast 3D data capture, intuitive controls and advanced algorithms in both automatic and manual processing, guaranteed to make the whole process convenient for both new and experienced users.