How do you get a high-quality 3D scan with a pumpkin that needs both its insides and its exterior attended to? You use two scanners, of course. This bright orange gourd had its outside and its carvings scanned by Artec Eva, and its sharp edges captured with Space Spider, our go-to scanner for minute details and rich textures. 

To fully capture the interior, we sliced the pumpkin in half and performed several scans. These interior scans were then merged with their corresponding exteriors using overlapping geometry and texture captured during the first scan. 

The whole process didn’t take very long: the scans were done in three minutes, while processing clocked up another 15 minutes. 

Scanning time: 
3 min
Processing time: 
15 min
Download 3D model:
OBJ [17 MB]
STL [11.89 MB]
_3DS [21.97 MB]