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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Artec 3D CEO Art Yukhin talks to BBC Click about preserving Ukrainian cultural heritage


With the entire world shocked and appalled at the war we are witnessing in Ukraine, many businesses are taking swift action through supporting charities and spearheading fundraising campaigns. Artec 3D is privileged to have more than one channel to support Ukraine: in addition to a humanitarian aid project with LUkraine, providing 3D scanners for forensic documentation of war crimes, and supporting Ukrainian partners, the company also facilitates the digitization of Ukrainian cultural property – before more of it is damaged, lost, destroyed, or becomes inaccessible.

Along with experts and volunteers working to protect the country’s art, architecture, museums, monuments, churches, and many other pieces of Ukrainian heritage, Artec 3D is fully supporting our Ukrainian partners KODA Ltd. and Skeiron in capturing and archiving what’s vulnerable. KODA Ltd. has been a dedicated Artec 3D partner over the past 13 years; since the onset of the war its team has provided scanners, software, and expertise in the areas facing most pressing challenges, such as forensic documentation and digitization of the country’s landmarks. Skeiron, in turn, has devoted its efforts to preserving Ukrainian heritage in digital form through 3D scanning. This company’s partners and Artec technology have been instrumental in creating 3D replicas of cultural institutions and heritage sites in different parts of the country.

In a recent interview with BBC Click at the British Museum, Artec 3D CEO Art Yukhin emphasized the importance of preserving the unique legacy all around the country and taking its treasures (at least virtually) away from the frontlines. Ukraine’s unique culture, language, and traditions have acquired new value since the invasion began: as the conflict goes on, more and more priceless originals are at risk. Given that a number of cultural sites have already been damaged, it is a matter of preserving the country’s identity through preserving its heritage.

Responding promptly to new challenges that keep arising, scanning specialists from KODA and Skeiron are also using Artec Leo to create ultra-precise, photorealistic 3D scans to make future repairs and reconstruction possible. Another application of 3D scanning is enabling museum curators, librarians, and NGOs to host 3D models online so that buildings or artifacts are accessible to researchers, educators, and other individuals across the globe. This 3D digitization is the most effective and innovative way to back up virtual exhibitions and open-access publications raising awareness of the war and the Ukrainian culture, which is now at risk of being destroyed or lost forever.

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