Artec 3D scanning applications in quality control

Design Inspection
Manufacturing Control
Delivery Inspection

Take your Quality Assurance/Quality Control workflow to the next level with Artec 3D scanners. The traditional use of a CMM touch probe for gathering tens of points at a time across the surface of your products for quality inspection may be accurate, but it’s also painstakingly slow. And when you need to test your products and carry out inspection in quality control on large quantities of the same parts, minutes quickly multiply into hours added to production time. Not to mention that CMM units are typically expensive and hard to move around. Artec 3D scanners, on the other hand, are lightweight and easy to learn how to use. They gather millions of data points every second as you scan your parts in mere minutes. As part of your 3D scanning process, Artec Studio 15 software offers a variety of scan-to-CAD features for comparing your scans to CAD models. That means having the power to easily perform fast surface distance map comparisons that reveal any deviations present. For more complex QA/QC tools, Artec Studio 15 is conveniently integrated with the best inspection solutions, including Geomagic Control X.

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Artec Eva


The manufacturing company relies on Artec Eva for quality control and to ensure reliable accuracy in their products.

Artec Eva
Thames Water

United Kingdom

Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater services providers with over 15 million customers and as part of their business they deliver an average of 2,600m litres of drinking water every day.

Artec Eva
Willman Industries Inc.

United States

Willman Industries, a full-service jobbing foundry, had been using an older 3D laser scanner mounted on a robotic arm for scanning their castings. That had to change.

Artec Space Spider


Multistage manufacturing can introduce uncertainty and process deviation that lead to inaccurate end part results. Corrective investigations are difficult, unless a systematic approach with the proper tools is used.

Artec Space Spider


Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, medical equipment has been in short supply for many hospitals. Led by a surgeon in Paris, a new operation was launched: to 3D print more medical supplies on demand, with the Artec Space Spider 3D scanner for the rigorous quality control needed.

Artec Eva
Hyundai Motor Europe


When Hyundai needed to have precise, lifelike 3D models of their car seats, for design and modification, they understood that handheld 3D scanners would be the ultimate answer for this.

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