Artec 3D scanning applications in industrial design

Quality control
Rapid prototyping

Thanks to their high precision, Artec 3D scanners have a wide range of applications in industrial design and manufacturing. Commonly used during various stages of product design development and implementation, these powerful 3D scanning tools significantly speed up the workflow, making it easier to get the required object data and create customised automated capturing solutions.

While all our scanners are great for reverse engineering and quality control, our best industrial 3D scanner, Space Spider, is used for capturing small objects and complex geometry with the highest precision, while Artec Eva is able to scan larger objects with both speed and accuracy. Neither scanner requires the user to stick targets on the object.

Seamless export of the 3D models to a variety of widely used CAD and CAM programs allows users to conduct a large variety of tests for quality control, acquire necessary measurements and other data for reverse engineering, object integration and more.

Explore our industrial design case studies for more information

Artec Leo
Artec Ray
Asian Sealand Offshore and Marine


A 15-meter vertical pipe on an FPSO (floating production storage and offloading) vessel operating off West Africa was fractured and required urgent replacement to maintain production.

Artec Leo

United Kingdom

A sports-focused R&D company chose 3D scanning for creating custom, perfectly-fitting aerodynamic skinsuits for cyclists of all levels.

Artec Space Spider


Multistage manufacturing can introduce uncertainty and process deviation that lead to inaccurate end part results. Corrective investigations are difficult, unless a systematic approach with the proper tools is used.

Artec Eva
Thames Water

United Kingdom

Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater services providers with over 15 million customers and as part of their business they deliver an average of 2,600m litres of drinking water every day.

Artec Eva
Willman Industries Inc.

United States

Willman Industries, a full-service jobbing foundry, had been using an older 3D laser scanner mounted on a robotic arm for scanning their castings. That had to change.

Artec Space Spider
Bachmann Forming AG


Artec Space Spider helps Swiss package maker save time and money.

Artec Eva
Artec 3D

Russian Federation

This started out as a job for Artec. We were asked to scan parts of a car for our client. When we saw the minivan, we fell in love with it and decided to scan it from top to bottom. It took our scanning pro Alexey a day to do it.

Artec L™ -> Artec Eva™
Artec MHT™ -> Artec Eva™
Hyundai Motor Europe


When Hyundai needed to have precise, lifelike 3D models of their car seats, for design and modification, they understood that handheld 3D scanners would be the ultimate answer for this.

Artec Space Spider
Visual Computing Research Center


A group of university researchers from around the world set out to improve current automated 3D scanning processes to be both faster and more accurate.

Artec Space Spider


When 3D scanning large numbers of objects, both time and human error should be taken into account. By automating the scanning process, errors can be reduced and scanning times can be extremely shortened.