3DEXPERIENCE World takes the baton from the well-established SOLIDWORKS World, an annual conference inaugurated in 1999 to bring together everyone who makes the best use of SOLIDWORKS CAD software in industries ranging from aerospace, energy, and telecom to retail, construction, and home & lifestyle.

Brisbane, Australia

Asia’s largest computer graphics event, SIGGRAPH Asia, is taking place in Brisbane, Australia this year, and is already shaping up to be an unmissable experience. For artists as well as scientists and many others, SIGGRAPH has been a forum and well of inspiration, a place where experts and beginners alike can gather and share wisdom, ideas, and opinions on all things computer graphics, visual effects, interactivity, and more.

Koblenz, Germany

Every November, the Koblenz Chamber of Crafts, together in partnership with industry and science, organizes Koblenz Technology Night. This year there will be a variety of interesting demonstrations, shows, lectures, and hands-on activities to take part in, with many representatives, experts, and researchers from high-tech companies and organizations in attendance, among others.

Changsha, Hunan, China

One of the most talked about events in the Surveying and Mapping industry, ChinterGEO 2019 will be taking place in Hunan, Changsha, China from Nov 6-8. Last year’s event welcomed more than 250 exhibitors and 3000+ attendees, and this year’s event is shaping up to be even better, with manufacturers, dealers, and professionals from the world of surveying, mapping and geographic information fields arriving from near and far, including Asia, Europe, and North America. Being demonstrated will be a wide range of tools and solutions for industry professionals, including some of the latest offerings in 3D scanning, such as Artec 3D's professional scanners.

Shanghai, China

The city of Shanghai will host the 2019 iteration of the Heritage Preservation International (HPI) exhibition. The exhibitors at HPI largely comprise restoration companies, universities, and planning companies as well as manufacturers of building and restoration materials, measuring instruments, scanners and 3D visualization technologies.

Veldhoven, the Netherlands

A cornerstone industry such as automotive is an ideal candidate for development of revolutionary techniques based on new technologies. Among those technologies, 3D scanning has risen up to become an essential facet, with significant time saving benefits and efficient new applications in design, engineering, and quality control.

Singapore, Singapore

Come to Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019 this year and see for yourself all the best of the region's remarkable growth and unforgettable innovation. With leaders and experts of all kinds attending the event, you can be sure to come away with idea-inspiring information, details on best practices from top companies, and impressions of some of the hottest technology to arise from the brightest minds in the industry and beyond.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Middle East RoTIC 2019 will bring together technical experts from across the world to focus on a spectrum of topics related to the many facets of Rotating Machinery and to network with fellow industry professionals. An outstanding forum for exchanging knowledge and best practices from leading regional and international companies, this event is a must attend for machinery experts around the Middle East and beyond.

Peoria, United States

8th grade is a key moment in a young person’s life where they have to start thinking about their future and ponder what lies ahead. To help high-schoolers prepare for their future career paths, CareerSpark was designed to give them opportunities and hands-on experience in a nice, engaging framework.

Belfast, UK

This year will be the first time that the IMI conference has been held in Northern Ireland, and it will include exciting events with numerous speakers, workshop presenters, trade representatives, and more. As well, there will be two fully-equipped photo studios in the trade area, where you can check out some of the latest cameras, lenses, lights, and technologies.

Ontario, Canada

For the last 40 years, the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show has been attracting high-class experts from throughout the automotive, engineering, and aerospace industries, and beyond. With over 9000 visitors and more than 700 international exhibitors, CMTS is one of Canada’s most popular and highly-anticipated manufacturing events, and definitely not to be missed.   

San Diego, USA

The 2019 AOPA National Assembly is a key event for orthotic, prosthetic, and pedorthic professionals from around the globe. The meeting offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight from PhDs, MDs, prominent researchers, leading practitioners, and successful technicians on the latest developments, treatments, and solutions in orthotics, prosthetics, business, and pedorthics.

Veldhoven, the Netherlands

The entire plastics industry will have its own trade fair taking place. September 25-26 in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Kunststoffen 2019 is the biggest event of its kind in the Benelux, and Artec’s Gold Certified Reseller 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants will be present to showcase the most up-to-date 3D scanning solutions.

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