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Artec Eva helps bring artwork to life in 3D for Google Art Project

Summary: Google Art Project boasts tens of thousands of digitized pieces of artwork from across the world.

The Goal: To digitally capture in full-color, high-resolution 3D a whole range of art pieces, then turn them into 3D models for museums around the globe.

Tool Used: Artec Eva

Google’s online collection of museum exhibits expands with 3D models of artifacts scanned with Artec Eva.

A visual feast for art connoisseurs, Google’s online gallery includes over 90,000 digitized pieces of artwork from 500+ museums worldwide, and some of the items can be viewed in 3D thanks to Artec Eva. The scanner was integrated into a custom-made setup to create textured 3D models of artifacts, such as vessels, statuettes and pottery, in high resolution.


Courtesy of SlashGear.

Oddities and rare pieces of artwork can now be turned around and inspected from all angles.

“These objects are available – to the public – to be rotated and zoomed in on, allowing users to get up close and personal with them in ways never before possible, online or off,” says an article on slashgear.com. “Oddities and rare pieces of artwork can now be turned around and inspected from all angles, all thanks to 3D scanning technology Google is now making available to museums around the world for free.”


SlashGear have also made a great video showing Eva at work during a 3D scanning session at Museo d’Arte Orientale in Turin, Italy. You can check out the results in this gallery. Enjoy!

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