Top of hand

A very quick scan of the back of the hand with Space Spider lets us see the fine details of the skin and fingernails. For improvised demonstration purposes, this scan was performed quickly, yet already shows the intense surface detail captured by the scanner. For example, the folds of skin between thumb and forefinger, as well as the ridges along the fingernails. The areas between the fingers were quickly captured and show no signs of extraneous digital artifacts or noise.

In a clinical setting, such a scan would be performed on both sides of the hand, thus resulting in a seamless 3D digital model of the entire hand, perfectly lifelike from all angles.

Scanning time: 
2 min
Processing time: 
4 min
Download 3D model:
OBJ [11.4 MB]
WRL [20.45 MB]
MAYA [12.6 MB]