3D scanning solutions

How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

What do you get?

Learn the full scanning workflow

Artec Academy courses walk you through each stage of the 3D scanning workflow, from scanner handling to data processing, teaching learners how it all works before challenging them to complete hands-on tasks.

Live training from Artec’s best

Get live guidance from Artec Gold-certified resellers via online or on-site training sessions to ensure that you’re learning from the very best, and pairing theory lessons with practical takeaways.

Industry-specific courses

Take advantage of training that meets your industry needs – including a forensics course focused on documenting evidence of crimes – with more sector-specific content on the way.

Engage in active learning

As new skills can’t be mastered without practice, each course features live training for you and four others, and finishes with a quiz that tests knowledge and ensures learnings are retained.

Why Artec Academy?

Maximize your ROI

Make sure you fully utilize your Artec 3D scanner. Learn to capture objects as quickly and accurately as possible to maximize your business’ return on investment (ROI).

Celebrate training success

Subscribing to an Artec Academy course gives you and up to four others the chance to learn from experts, become certified, and get a certificate you can add to your CV or celebrate on social media.

Brush up on scanning skills

Owned an Artec Leo, Eva, or Space Spider for a while now? Artec Academy courses offer you a perfect way to improve your 3D scanning skills and brush up on Artec Studio’s latest advanced features. Take advantage of professional training, originally available exclusively to Artec resellers, to harness the full potential of your device.

Access anytime, anywhere

Users can log into Artec Academy anywhere in the world. Subscribers also get lifetime course access, so they can learn at their own pace, and build momentum as their skills improve.

Available courses

Meet our instructors

Reinforce learnings from Artec expert-led courses with additional one-to-one training sessions in your local language from a Gold-certified Artec 3D reseller in your region.

Choose the plan that works for you

As the complexity of tasks that can be solved with 3D tools differs from industry to industry, we’ve designed three Artec Academy packages, which cover the technologies users may require to excel in their particular area. Get in touch with one of our experts to pick the package that best meets your needs.


  • How many people can be trained on a single subscription?

    Up to five learners can take courses and get certified with each subscription purchased.

  • Who hosts the live training sessions on Artec Academy courses?

    To ensure that you only get 3D scanning training from the very best, Artec Academy live meetings and calls will only be available from Gold-certified Artec 3D resellers.

  • Where can I log into Artec Academy and start training?

    Learners can access Artec Academy anywhere in the world and start training remotely at any time they wish. At launch, the platform features videos in English (with English subtitles), and more languages are set to be supported in the near future, so you can make training uniform across your business or area.