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Luxembourg’s Minister of Economy visits Artec 3D headquarters

Luxembourg’s Minister of Economy visits Artec 3D headquarters

From left: Ministry of Economy’s Director General for Industry, Technology and Research Mario Grotz, Artec 3D President & CEO Art Yukhin, Minister of Economy Lex Delles, First Government Advisor to the Prime Minister's Office Jacques Thill, Artec 3D VP of Strategy & Partnerships Asya Levadnaya, Artec 3D Executive Director Anastasia Khaytul, Artec 3D Advisor to CEO Gaston Stronck.

World-renowned manufacturer of 3D scanning hardware and software Artec 3D were on Monday, July 1, 2024, visited by Luxembourg’s Minister of the Economy, SME, Energy and Tourism Lex Delles. Solidifying the government’s support of Luxembourg-developed high technology, and in turn, Artec 3D’s commitment to the local community, Delles was joined by several of his colleagues from the Economic Ministry, and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Luxembourg’s Minister of Economy visits Artec 3D headquarters

Artec 3D CEO & President Art Yukhin and Economic Minister Lex Delles

Following a short presentation, these esteemed guests were invited on a tour of Artec 3D’s production facility, where the company’s hardware is carefully assembled under the most stringent conditions to achieve the highest standards of production, safety, and precision. Opened last year, the production facility has contributed to Artec 3D leading the way, with cutting-edge hardware as well as software development.

Luxembourg’s Minister of Economy visits Artec 3D headquarters

Artec 3D Scanning Specialist Jerry Klein demonstrates Leo’s AI-driven capabilities

The guests were joined by Artec 3D CEO & President Art Yukhin, who on warmly welcoming the delegation, stressed the company’s commitment to and support of the local community. “We have a long-standing relationship with the government of Luxembourg, and are delighted to welcome Minister Delles to our office,” Yukhin said. “It is inspiring to be able to demonstrate the results of our partnership over the years, and we look forward to this continued cooperation.”

Delles was introduced to Artec Leo, and tested out the industry-leading professional scanner himself. An unrivaled solution designed for wireless use and quick data capture, Leo is especially hailed for use in industries including forensics, healthcare, heritage preservation, architecture, and manufacturing.

Luxembourg’s Minister of Economy visits Artec 3D headquarters

Minister Delles scanning with the wireless Artec Leo following a quick demo

Following his first-hand experience with Artec 3D technology, Delles said, “It was a great pleasure to participate in the presentation of Artec’s 3D scanner – a very practical and user-friendly product, which is beneficial to a wide range of sectors, as it allows easy scanning and digital replication of objects.”

Artec 3D has consistently worked closely with various ministries and organizations in Luxembourg. The company has a strong relationship with Luxembourg’s Ministry of Education, and also works closely with the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Science Centre, as well as leading training and internship opportunities with young engineers.

Having developed professional 3D technology since 2007 and grown its company in Luxembourg since 2010, Artec 3D continues to spur the industry forward, while contributing to the development of Luxembourg’s economy with its excellence and innovation in 3D scanning hardware and software.