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Students get hands on with Artec 3D tech at Luxembourg’s Engineering Trainee Days

Engineering Trainee Days

Organized by Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg, a Luxembourg initiative to encourage entrepreneurial ambitions among youth, Artec 3D was delighted to be part of Engineering Trainee Days (ETD), where secondary school students had an opportunity to shadow STEM engineers and scientists for two days. Throughout the event, students were given an opportunity to witness and experience a common work day in STEM, and get acquainted with what a job in the field might entail.

Engineering Trainee Days

A step above the average internship or company visit, these young minds were introduced to leading members of our research team, and worked alongside Artec 3D engineers to complete a set of robotic tasks. This allowed the students to gain valuable insights into the professional life of an engineer or scientist – and hopefully, will also serve to inspire them when pursuing their chosen fields or careers in the future.

Alongside Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg, the event was carried out with the support of the Ministry of Education, Children, and Youth, and the Engineers and Scientists of Luxembourg association.