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Artec 3D opens cutting-edge production facility in Luxembourg

LUXEMBOURG, Jan. 31, 2023 | Artec 3D, a world-renowned developer and manufacturer of professional 3D hardware and software, has officially opened the newest optoelectronics production facility in Luxembourg. For the inauguration of this most modern and sophisticated high-tech production, Artec 3D welcomed the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel as well as the Minister of Economy Franz Fayot, who joined the company’s CEO & President Art Yukhin in launching the site.

Optoelectronics production facility

The opening of this new state-of-the-art production facility marks the start of a new chapter for Artec 3D. Photo: Nataliia Arintcina

On the inauguration of the production line, Art Yukhin, CEO of Artec 3D said:

“We’re very proud to open the most sophisticated fab in Luxembourg, and one of the best in Europe to produce highly capable electronics working with very small components and very high frequencies. Our PCB (electronics) assembly line is fully automatic, and consists of the latest and best production and quality inspection machines from Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, and the USA.

This new state-of-the-art facility marks the start of a new chapter for Artec and our increased ability to deliver new products as we go forward. Our thanks go to Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Luxembourg Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot for opening our new facility and celebrating this significant milestone with us.”

Optoelectronics production facility

Artec 3D President and CEO Art Yukhin delivers a speech at the inauguration. Photo: Nataliia Arintcina

Following a short presentation focusing on the company’s business profile, distinguished guests and members of the press were invited on a tour of the new facility. Prime Minister Bettel and Minister Fayot were then 3D scanned.

Optoelectronics production facility

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel being scanned with Artec Leo. Photo: Nataliia Arintcina

During the tour, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said: “Thanks to this investment by Artec 3D, Luxembourg has one of the most sophisticated cleanrooms in Europe. As a government, we are proud to have facilitated this investment. The story of Artec 3D is a true success story and also an example of a public-private partnership that has worked very well.”

The facility includes a 300m² clean zone that boasts ISO7 cleanliness classification and customized temperature, pressure, and humidity control. The cleanroom is also equipped with unbeatable data intelligence software that provides real-time insight into the status of the cleanroom at any time. Characterized by decentralized air systems guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime, this technology is unique to Luxembourg, and ensures the highest standard of production as well as the highest levels of safety and precision.

Optoelectronics production facility

The new production facility boasts one of the most sophisticated cleanrooms in Europe. Photo: Nataliia Arintcina

Minister of Economy Franz Fayot who also attended the event said, “Since their arrival in Luxembourg in 2010, Artec 3D has undergone remarkable development and has integrated perfectly into the economic fabric of Luxembourg. The company is now a world leader in the development of innovative 3D solutions and products, and holds great promise in many areas, particularly in the face of the challenge of both the digital and green transitions. With this new production line, the company strengthens its roots in Luxembourg, as well as its contribution to our "Made in Luxembourg" influence throughout the world. As the Ministry of the Economy, we are proud to have been able to support Artec 3D since its inception, in particular with Luxinnovation, and through financial aid.”

The new production facility will manufacture and assemble award-winning and industry-acclaimed 3D scanners used in industries and applications around the world, including reverse engineering, quality inspection, manufacturing, healthcare, and forensics.

Optoelectronics production facility

From left: Artec 3D’s Chief Experience Officer Sergey Sukhovey, CEO and President Art Yukhin, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, Minister of Economy Franz Fayot, Artec 3D’s Chief Technical Officer Gleb Gusev. Photo: Nataliia Arintcina

The Luxembourgish government is no stranger to Artec 3D initiatives: the Luxembourg Defense Directorate in November 2022 provided a full set of innovative Artec 3D solutions to Ukraine for 3D scanning of forensic evidence to document possible war crimes, and Artec 3D has partnered with local fundraising organization LUkraine since the beginning of the war last year.

At the forefront of developing innovative 3D technology since 2007 and established in Luxembourg in 2010, Artec 3D has continued to lead the way in 3D scanning hardware and software. The new production line in the heart of Europe is set to fiercely continue on this path.