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New Artec upgrade offer brings color to Eva Lite users

Eva Lite upgrade offer

3D scanning hardware and software leader Artec 3D has launched a special offer to help Artec Eva Lite users expand their efforts and capture even more detailed 3D models.

Better yet, they can get all the advanced features Artec Eva has to offer, without having to part with their existing scanner.

Those who upgrade can immediately begin capturing both texture and geometry, in a way that yields 3D models that aren’t just sub-millimeter accurate, but incredibly lifelike.

Digitally capturing texture not only makes it easier to scan featureless surfaces without having to add texture aids, it drastically enhances tracking. This, in turn, improves global registration, enabling users to spend less time on data processing, and accelerate their workflow.

To boost textures further, Eva adopters can augment scans with photo data. Naturally, Eva Lite owners who take advantage of this offer can start photo-texturing too, for photorealistic results.

Upgrading to Eva also unlocks HD Mode, an AI algorithm that allows adopters to get clean, detail-rich scans, even in hard-to-reach areas. Alongside their new texture capture capabilities, this means Eva Lite users can streamline difficult scans, and digitize the previously impossible.

While Eva Lite provided many with a way into professional 3D scanning, it’s said that upgrading to Artec Eva offers a means of taking things up a notch, without having to pay for new hardware.

To take advantage of this offer, Eva Lite users need only reach out to Artec 3D, which is offering to give users all Eva’s perks remotely, right away – so they can capture without interruptions.

Upgrade to Artec Eva here

Any Eva Lite bought before March 2024 can be upgraded, but the promotion only runs until August 31, 2024, so Artec 3D encourages all those eligible to request an upgrade today.

Those interested in discovering more about the benefits of upgrading can also access Artec 3D’s dedicated webinar: Just add color: From Eva Lite to Eva.

For further information, customers can contact Artec 3D’s expert team.