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New Video: Doing the impossible with Artec 3D

Here at Artec 3D, we’re all about doing things that on first thought might seem impossible to do. Scan a giant combustion engine the size of a tennis court? Digitize Barack Obama’s face? Create an accurate, down-to-submillimeter copy of a child’s ear? Or digitally preserve an entire museum collection? These are just a few of thousands of examples that demonstrate where and how Artec 3D scanners help companies and individuals around the world to do their job faster and better. And in many cases – to do things that you could previously only dream about.

From industrial design to manufacturing to healthcare or CGI, with Artec scanners, ‘impossible’ is a word that we have little reason to use.

In this short video, we collected a few notable examples of Artec 3D’s scanners applications. Take a look, get some inspiration, then join in and let us know when you find yourself #DoingTheImpossible!