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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

A sigh of relief: Artec Eva helps create a respiratory mask specifically for children

Earlier this summer we told the story of how innovation can truly be socially important. In 2020, with the entire world shaken by the coronavirus pandemic, many were forced to rethink the idea of breathing as something safe and naturally easy. Tragically, some people have suffered the consequences of unprotected breathing long before COVID-19 due to disastrous wildfires, with Kevin Ngo from Silicon Valley among them.

A product designer and a loving parent living in the heart of the area severely affected by the deadly blazes, Ngo felt he needed to protect his own three kids and many their age from the breathing crisis caused by the dense toxic smoke in the air. So, he used Artec Eva to scan kids’ faces and create a unique respirator mask. Little did he know that the Flo Mask project, conceived back in 2018, would go on to also protect against viruses.

This tale of Artec Eva and Artec Studio used for creating a mask specifically for children, who are still the only unvaccinated group of the population, has stirred a lot of excitement all over the world.

Leading 3D printing sources like Develop3D described the process and emphasized that the kids are the most impacted by air pollution. Design World and MakePartsFast admired Artec Eva’s role in the development of face masks for kids, while Cision Newswire also mentioned that this industrial-grade 3D scanner aided in achieving a tailored fit for kids across multiple ethnicities.

As the story enjoyed international success, it was also told in different languages, for example, in German magazine AUTOCAD.

As the world continues combatting both the pandemic and natural disasters, Flo Mask keeps helping many families breathe easy, and we are delighted to know that 3D scanning has helped to make it all possible.