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French actors Malik Zidi and Raphael Temim scanned with Artec Leo to create stunning visual effects for upcoming film

Le Refuge

Luxembourg, 24 May 2023 | César award-winning French actor Malik Zidi and promising French actor Raphael Temim have been 3D scanned with the Artec Leo scanner, to create lifelike 3D replicas for use in the special effects of the upcoming film Le Refuge (The Shelter). Directed by Cyrus Neshvad, whose film The Red Suitcase was recently nominated for an Oscar, Le Refuge explores the themes of guilt, forgiveness, and survival through a suspenseful and chilling lens.

Le Refuge

Le Refuge is bound to captivate audiences with its unique blend of thriller and horror elements, inspired by films such as Alien by Ridley Scott and The Others by Alejandro Amenábar. The film follows the protagonist, Anne, as she makes her way through an increasingly dangerous and unfamiliar world, in her quest for forgiveness and redemption.

To achieve the desired level of visual effects, the Artec Leo, a cutting-edge 3D scanner, was used to create accurate and detailed digital doubles of Malik Zidi and Raphael Temim. The scanner is known for its ease of use, speed, precision, portability, and its ability to revolutionize CGI special effects in the film industry. The Artec Leo’s wireless scanning capabilities and built-in HD touchscreen display make it an invaluable tool for film crews seeking to quickly create high-quality 3D models on set.

3D scanning has become an essential component of visual effects in filmmaking. By combining artistic vision and technological expertise digital doubles, intricate scenes, and next-generation CGI props are brought to life, resulting in a more immersive and visually arresting experience for the audience.

Le Refuge

Upon its release, Le Refuge will join the ranks of films that have utilized Artec 3D technology for their visual effects, including blockbuster classics such as Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys, and many others.

Le Refuge is scheduled for release in 2025.

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