Artec 3D scanners & quality control

Fitness test for water pipes

Thames Water use Artec Eva to map corrosion on cast iron pipe samples

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President Obama in 3D

U.S. President Barack Obama was scanned with Artec Eva to make the first ever presidential portrait in 3D

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Artec 3D scanners & CGI

Recreating dinosaurs in Jurassic World

Artec scanner creates the most true to life dinosaurs ever to be seen on screen

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Artec scanners
& Quality control

Eva cast in starring role at leading foundry

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St. Cloud State University

Creates next-generation virtual learning experience

Spider and AS 10 expand university’s reality capture capabilities.

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Multistage manufacturing can introduce uncertainty and process deviation that lead to inaccurate end part results. Corrective investigations are difficult, unless a systematic approach with the proper tools is used.

The world's most productive ongoing source of Ice Age fossils needed to digitally capture bones from dire wolves, sabre-toothed cats, ground sloths, mammoths, and more, quickly and easily.

A leading forensic anthropologist needed a way to 3D scan bones, skeletons, and entire death scenes quickly, with a minimum of post-processing work.

The world's most famous auto customization shop turned to 3D scanning to speed up workflows, increase accuracy, and open the door to new creative possibilities.

Using a phone or tablet users can remotely scan large objects with submillimeter accuracy, ideal for reverse engineering, construction, inspection and product design

A UK charity focused on helping children with brain-related neurological conditions needed to create custom riding helmets using 3D scanning and printing.

A UK manufacturer of custom tractor headstocks needed to find a way to quickly yet precisely measure and reproduce their clients' legacy equipment.

A German prosthetics specialist turned to 3D scanning to create a highly-functional new arm for one of their patients.

Turntable synchronizes with the Artec Space Spider and features auto-tracking recovery for maximum 3D capture results

Not long after Leo snatched the Golden Mousetrap Award, Artec 3D claims another significant industry award. The newest addition to our trophy case is the 2019 3D Scanning / Metrology Company of the Year award from the leading 3D tech publication 3D Printing Industry.

An orthotics and prosthetics specialist needed to find the best 3D scanning solution for making precision O&P products faster while reducing overall production costs.

New features include integration with metrology-grade desktop 3D scanner Artec Micro, target-free registration for 3D laser scanner Artec Ray, and Direct Export for CAD/CAM, Automatic Glare Removal, and more

Drumroll please…! Artec Studio 14, the newest version of Artec’s versatile scanning and post-processing software is here, and it’s undeniably the best thing that has ever happened to your 3D scanner!

Swansea University uses Artec’s 3D scanning technology to create customized tags for marine animals to continuously monitor their behavior for marine biology research.

A nonprofit specializing in prosthetics for children needed a low-cost yet effective way to create prostheses for its patients, including a young woman who lost her lower arm.

Ultra-high precision scanner offers quality control of small objects, reverse engineering design and more, a perfect solution for the metrology market.

A small team of maritime archaeologists in Germany was in a race against time to clean, scan, annotate, and photograph 228 timbers from an ancient shipwreck before winter set in.

A dental implant specialty practice needed to find a way to digitally align patients' faces with their teeth, quickly and precisely, for designing implants that look natural and feel great.

Two archaeologists hosting the TV show America's Lost Vikings decided to use color 3D scanning to try and determine the true age of this controversial artifact.

For the past two years, researchers from 3DVisLab have been working with the Nunalleq Archaeology Project near the Alaska Native village of Quinhagak to develop a digital educational resource to help teach local children about the excavations as well as their Yup’ik heritage.

Can’t stop, won't stop! Artec’s most cutting-edge 3D scanner, Artec Leo wins yet another significant award; the Golden Mousetrap Award for the best device in the Test & Measurement category.

Artec scanners help to deliver personalized healthcare 3D solutions that are a perfect fit for the anatomy of each patient and that are suitable for low invasive treatment of pathologies such as congenital thoracic deformities, which are anomalies in the growth of the chest wall.

Artec3D scanners help an injured alligator a new tail and chance in life.

68% of Respondents Expect AR and VR to be a Common Tool for Online Shopping within Five Years

Here at Artec 3D we’re always happy to support a great cause, especially when it comes to children’s charity. This holiday season, Artec 3D has teamed up with the Deti Nashi children’s charity fund to bring some joy and cheer to those who need it most. But it’s not toys we’re giving. And it’s not just for the holidays.

Perhaps in no other field does innovation matter more than in medicine. So, when a novel technique comes along, offering fitting solutions, professionals ought to embrace and build upon them.

It’s here, better and faster than ever. Artec Studio 13 is the latest release of our professional 3D scanning and post-processing software that lets you do more with your scanner and data than you ever could before!

When Hyundai needed to have precise, lifelike 3D models of their car seats, for design and modification, they understood that handheld 3D scanners would be the ultimate answer for this.

Integration of X-Ray mode, 3D Radar mode, new high-power algorithms, and Global Registration upgrades make handling large, highly detailed 3D data quicker and easier

The Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation is a partnership between Historic Environment Scotland and The Glasgow School of Art, set up to deliver innovative digital heritage projects.

3D and VR technologies alike are growing ever more popular throughout industries all over the world and are becoming especially common in the healthcare field due to their precision, ease of use and versatility.

Viticulture, a science that the Athenian historian Thucydides claimed to have had a civilizing effect, may not be the most expected field of study to apply Artec 3D solutions to. Yet grape cultivation stands to gain enormously from using them, as a group of researchers has shown recently in their article.

A 1:1 scale 3D printed replica of Colorado’s State Symbol, the Kessler Stegosaurus, has been created for a local museum with the help of Artec Spider 3D scanner.

Though 3D technology is usually perceived as a futuristic concept, a recent project it was involved in proved that it could also take us back in time. Over 10 000 years back in time to be exact.

Artec 3D has done it again! We’ve developed the most advanced and versatile 3D scanner on the market today, claiming the top spot among all other innovative and ambitious global projects, according to the annual New Equipment Digest contest!

Award-winning sculptor, Jamie Lester is breaking the mold – literally and figuratively.