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Artec 3D welcomes the next generation of engineers to state-of-the-art facility

Guided tour for students

Artec 3D, a world-renowned developer and manufacturer of professional 3D hardware and software, has opened its doors to the engineers and software developers of the future.

During an exclusive tour, a 14-strong group of students and teachers were recently guided around Artec 3D’s cutting-edge optoelectronics production facility. Opened by the company’s CEO and President Art Yukhin earlier this year, alongside Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, the factory is home to a best-in-class PCB assembly line.

Guided tour for students

LGL students being given a guided tour of Artec 3D’s cleanroom space

On their way around, the visitors from a 3D modeling class at local high school Lycée de garçons de Luxembourg (LGL), were treated to a whirlwind tour of the production process behind Artec 3D’s industry-leading scanners.

This included an introduction to Artec 3D’s cleanroom facilities from VP of R&D Alexander Sharapov, and a demonstration of its Artec Leo and Ray II 3D scanners from its Chief Experience Officer Sergey Sukhovey. The 17-18 year old students were even able to get hands-on with the devices and use them to create models of each other for 3D printing.

Blown away by the reception granted to her class, LGL’s Sabine Bouzette said: “The explanations, the presentations, the testing of scanners, it was really incredible. Hats off to this company, which gives young adults the desire to embark on studies that allow them to create new technologies. Thank you to them for this quality visit, which reflects their products. It was truly exceptional!”

Fully wireless and featuring a built-in display, Artec Leo is ideal for newcomers like students, seeking to get to grips with the technology. Artec Studio’s resident Autopilot, meanwhile, picks the best algorithms for processing a given dataset, so those short of time don’t have to.

Guided tour for students

Students getting hands-on with the wireless, easy-to-use Artec Leo 3D scanner

Using these features, the students were ultimately able to capture highly detailed 3D scans of one of their classmates within three minutes, with data processing taking under an hour.

Ahead of the visit, the students’ excitement was clear to see – while LGL’s school trips aren’t always booked out, this one was filled to capacity. Later, a few intrepid students were so impressed by Artec 3D’s technology, that they asked about opportunities to work for the company in future.

3D scanning has long established itself as an educational tool at universities, but with demand for high school training on the technology growing around the world, Artec 3D is actively engaged in developing further ways to help train the STEM engineers of the future. As a proudly Luxembourg-based business, Artec 3D has reiterated its commitment to doing so in the local community, via close collaboration with schools like LGL. The company also continues to welcome interest from other academic institutions interested in future-proofing their curriculums, by integrating modules on advanced technologies like 3D scanning.