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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Artec 3D joins Turkish partner in supporting response to deadly earthquake

infoTRON Turkey initiative

As the devastating impact of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria unfolds, Artec 3D joins infoTRON, its Turkish Gold-certified partner, in relief efforts. The pioneering 3D company that has been providing advanced tech solutions and services across the region since 1994 is now offering aid and assistance by donating funds, food, medicines, and services.

Devastated by the scale of the tragedy, infoTRON acted quickly to bolster ongoing relief efforts by making a lump donation worth 500,000 Turkish Lira ($26,500) and continuing to match any amount donated by their employees. The company has also launched an awareness campaign urging other businesses and individuals to take part in fundraising aimed at providing vital equipment and logistical services to the ones affected.

infoTRON’s contributions go directly to AHBAP, a large-scale Turkish NGO working tirelessly to provide help, and serving as a channel to quickly transfer the necessary funds to the ones who most need support. Donations from individuals and businesses all over the world will address urgent needs from emergency responders such as tents, sleeping bags, boots, blankets, heaters, food, and water.

By supporting this fundraising campaign, not only will donors help the immediate victims of the disaster, but also pay tribute to thousands of locals from Turkey and Syria who are involved in search and rescue operations with their lives at constant risk, and contribute towards relief efforts that will continue for a long time to come.

The earthquakes of 7.7 and 7.5 magnitude and a series of aftershocks hit southern Turkey and northern Syria respectively, destroying homes and infrastructure across the region. It is estimated that over 40,000 people have lost their lives, with numbers rising by the day. Thousands more are injured and in need of urgent medical support; millions are now homeless or displaced.

Centered near Gaziantep in south-central Turkey, the initial earthquake hit the area which was home to thousands of refugees close to the border, vulnerable civilians in the conflict-affected areas of Syria, and numerous humanitarian aid organizations also based in the region.

Art Yukhin, Artec 3D CEO and President, was keen to support the initiative, and stated that it was Artec 3D’s social responsibility to stand with the victims of the earthquake and their families, and with everyone working hard for rescue and recovery efforts.

"Our hearts are breaking from the amount of human tragedy, grief, and pain that this disaster has brought," Art Yukhin said. "Beyond immediate contribution, we understand the importance of longer-term efforts, and we are coordinating our support together with our Artec 3D partner in the region, infoTRON, as they raise awareness and essential aid for those in need, today and well into the future."

Contribute towards these fundraising efforts here.