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Introducing Artec Academy: online training for boosting your 3D scanning skills

Artec Academy

Global 3D scanning leader Artec 3D has rolled out a new online training platform that teaches users how to deploy its technologies with confidence and get the best possible results.

Artec Academy is a virtual learning space filled with courses curated by in-house experts that improve the skills of existing users, and help new adopters start scanning from scratch. In addition to video and text-based learning materials, courses come with up to eight hours’ one-to-one training, provided online or in-person by Artec Gold-certified resellers.

Courses offer practical tips on optimizing each 3D scanning stage, from device handling and optimizing capture conditions, to data processing. After showing learners how it all works, the platform cements these skills by challenging them to complete hands-on tasks. 

Learnings are also reinforced by quizzes and end-of-course exams. Those who pass even get a certificate they can boast about on social media and their CV.

Ideal for those just starting out or who want to fine-tune their skills, each course explains how 3D scanning and data processing works, before walking users through their first project and showing how to export resulting meshes.

As one license is sufficient for training up to five people, Artec Academy allows multiple users to improve their skills, while enabling employers to maximize on return on investment (ROI).

Alongside those focused on essentials, learners can subscribe to specialized courses which teach practical skills that can be applied in industry. One course shows users how to utilize 3D scanning within forensic workflows, via lessons on digitizing crime scenes and analyzing data, packed with practical tips and datasets for getting hands-on experience.

In the near future, further Artec Academy courses will be launched to offer practical training relevant to real world applications. Alongside courses on essential skills, this expanding roster is expected to make Artec 3D scanning even easier to adopt in these industries.

Artec Studio 18 users (including all who subscribe by the end of 2023) can also access a free software course. Learn to use all its new features, including how to fuse scans from two or more Artec devices to capture incredible detail, and process data at an unprecedented pace.

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