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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Artec 3D collaborates with the Ulcinj Municipality to digitize Montenegro's cultural heritage

Pioneering 3D scanning company Artec 3D will be instrumental in the long-term initiative uniting museums, galleries, and a range of diverse cultural institutions. The company’s office in Montenegro, conveniently located in immediate proximity to Ulcinj, enhances Artec 3D’s ability to closely collaborate with the Municipality and contribute to the region's cultural heritage preservation efforts.

The series of the project's events started in late August with 3D scanning some of the valuable artifacts from the Ulcinj Museum, to be followed by creating more digital twins of the heritage items and making them available to the public in Ulcinj. Nestled along Montenegro's Adriatic coastline, Ulcinj is celebrated for its historic Old Town adorned with centuries-old architecture and ancient cultural heritage. Through insightful museum collections, the town offers a glimpse into the rich history and traditions of Montenegro.

Ulcinj Museum scanning

Artec 3D team with Ulcinj's cultural heritage stakeholders, embarking on a scanning journey at the Ulcinj museum

Two objects from the Ulcinj museum collection have already been digitized with the company's flagship scanner Artec Leo, to achieve the soaring precision and life-like texture recognizable in cultural artifacts scanned with Artec technology across the globe. In the coming months, at least four more objects will be scanned as part of Artec 3D’s pro-bono contribution to the local community through 3D scanning, processing, and digitizing museum objects.

This initiative, coupled with the ongoing 3D digitization efforts of cultural heritage, promises to drive the growth of cultural tourism within the region while providing a wider online access to exhibitions through a dedicated portal for museum visitors. In addition to boosting general cultural curiosity, 3D models offer next-gen opportunities for researching these historical artifacts, as work will be able to be carried out from anywhere in the world. The models could also play a crucial role in documenting and monitoring the condition of the artifacts, streamlining the subsequent restoration workflows.

The trend toward digitization and online accessibility of museum collections has been gaining momentum globally among leading museums and cultural institutions, and the Ulcinj Cultural Center is now embracing this contemporary shift with the support of Artec 3D solutions. According to Adrijana Hodža, the Director of the Cultural Center, signing of this memorandum could be a gateway to the innovative path to preservation of Ulcinj's cultural heritage.

Ulcinj Museum scanning

Signing a meaningful Memorandum of Understanding, forging new partnerships and possibilities

The Memorandum of Understanding, signed by Artec 3D, the Municipality, and the Cultural Center of Ulcinj, opens up exciting opportunities for high-quality digitization of the country's cultural heritage.

In a meeting with journalists, the President of the Ulcinj Parliament, Ardijan Mavrić, said, "I am pleased with the collaboration with Artec 3D. We are aware of the importance of preserving Montenegro's cultural heritage. This is just the first step in, we hope, a successful long-term partnership, and to begin with, we will scan 6 artifacts. This is a great opportunity for young people who aim to enhance their knowledge and develop skills in the field of 3D technology."

Ulcinj Museum scanning

Adrijana Hodža, the Director of the Cultural Center, explores the bridge between culture and technology while being scanned with Artec Leo

The Executive Director of Artec 3D Adriatica, Anastasia Khaytul, added, "Artec 3D is very proud to scan museum artifacts in Municipality of Ulcinj, and to contribute pro-bono to the preservation of cultural heritage of Montenegro. Since Artec 3D opened an office in Montenegro we are part of the local ecosystem. The world’s leading museums like Metropolitan, British museum, Smithsonian museum and many more use Artec 3D scanners. Artec 3D is happy to bring our Luxembourgish 3D technologies to Montenegro, and to show them in action."