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Keep your Leo in pristine condition with Artec 3D’s latest must-have accessory

Artec Leo Protective Case

Already the world’s first wireless, AI-powered 3D scanner, Artec Leo has now been made even better. Fit your device with the new Leo Protective Case and take scanning freedom to a whole new level, capturing anything, anywhere, without worrying about dust, dirt, or damage.

Quick and easy to equip, the snug-fitting casing not only shields Artec Leo, but makes it easier to grip during usage. Made from easy-to-sanitize silicon, the accessory is a must-have, especially for those working in medical, forensic or industrial cleanroom environments, where it’s vital to ensure no contaminants are brought in or left behind.

Whether at clinics, crime scenes, or on the factory floor, the Case gives users the confidence to deploy Artec 3D scanning in entirely new areas and applications, as well as protecting from general wear and tear during general use.

Available in packs of three or five, Leo owners can acquire however many Protective Cases they need to keep their device in pristine condition at all times.

Want to protect your Leo? Head to the store page here or contact an Artec reseller today to find out more.