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Artec 3D education initiatives open up STEM pathways to future engineers

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World-renowned professional 3D scanning hardware manufacturer and software developer Artec 3D has hailed the success of its outreach programs in driving STEM studies forward.

Artec 3D continues to raise the bar when it comes to getting advanced technologies into the classroom, and in recent months, its educational efforts have accelerated. In one of several outreach initiatives, students have been invited to tour its state-of-the-art production facility.

Opened earlier this year, by company CEO and President Art Yukhin alongside Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, the new factory is home to the Artec Leo manufacturing process. On their tour, students were allowed to use the world’s first wireless, AI-powered 3D scanner, finding it so intuitive they could create lifelike digital twins of one another in minutes.

Edu project Luxembourg

Such was the level of engagement with Leo and the long-range Artec Ray II LiDAR scanner during the demo sessions, some even asked about future work opportunities at Artec 3D.

In order to feed the curiosity of these budding engineers and help those in the industry continue to sharpen their 3D scanning skills, the company has launched Artec Academy.

Packed with online lessons delivered by in-house experts, the new platform is perfect for teaching students the full Artec workflow, from scan capture to data processing. In addition to ‘how-to’ courses on using Leo, Artec Eva, and Artec Space Spider, Artec Academy offers learners live training opportunities with its best and brightest Gold-certified resellers.

Passing one of these courses, which cover industry applications and provide students with real-world experience, also earns them a personalized certificate to add to their CV.

Edu project Luxembourg

To demonstrate Artec Academy’s value to students, two local budding engineers were invited to the company’s Luxembourg offices in July this year. Taking full advantage of the course’s hands-on and theoretical training, both passed certification exams with flying colors.

Artec 3D now intends to continue working with partners, to further the reach of advanced technologies and give back to communities by helping young people attain life skills. These efforts will see Artec Academy continually updated and more students being invited to the company’s facilities, so they too can benefit from in-house demos and training.

Through regular webinars, the company also aims to inspire users to get creative with their devices. Topics like scanning the human body and creating incredibly realistic 3D models with Artec Leo have already captured their imagination, and more of these are coming soon.

Artec 3D welcomes interest from other academic institutions seeking to future-proof their curriculums, by adding modules focused on cutting-edge technologies like 3D scanning.

To acquire an Artec Leo or Artec Academy subscription, reach out to an Artec reseller today. Need help finding your nearest reseller? Contact us at https://www.artec3d.com/contacts.