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Try pairing Geomagic and Artec 3D scanning with a unique 3-month pass

Geomagic subscription offer

Artec 3D has launched a promotional pass that allows users of its industry-leading 3D scanners to see how adopting Geomagic software can further improve their results.

For a limited time, new and existing Artec 3D scanner owners can try Design X, Control X, Wrap, or Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS for three months at a special price. The offer not only allows users to trial the benefits of their chosen software before getting an annual license, it sees them get a full day’s training from Geomagic Application Engineers on utilizing it.

Packaged to meet Artec users’ needs, promo passes offer unfettered access to each program’s 3D modeling, analysis, and inspection features. While Geomagic Design X turns your meshes into CAD models for reverse engineering, Control X is a metrology solution packed with advanced tools for ensuring designs can be manufactured into quality products.

When it comes to turning mesh data into feature-based, solid 3D models, Geomagic Wrap adds exact surfacing tools to the armories of engineers and product designers alike.

The Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS plug-in also brings new mesh editing and feature extraction functionalities to Dassault Systèmes’ popular design software, which make going from scan to editable CAD model much easier.

Alongside Artec 3D scanning, these programs provide users with a way of unlocking design, reverse engineering, and quality assurance opportunities. Once taught by experts to get the most from their software, users also benefit from follow up support calls at the end of each month, so they don’t waste any time in pursuit of their design or manufacturing goals.

Artec 3D’s 3-month pass doesn’t come with auto-subscription either, so users can try any of the four platforms, safe in the knowledge that they won’t be hit with a bill once it expires.

Provided they work for the same business, users can even get up to two passes for each device, meaning that multiple colleagues can take advantage with the same scanner.

Available to all Artec 3D scanner users in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East, for just €1,380 or US $1,380 the 3-month Geomagic offer runs until March 31, 2024.

To find out more about how adopting Geomagic software could benefit your 3D scanning workflow, contact our expert team.