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Luxembourg film star Sophie Mousel scanned with Artec Leo and Space Spider to create exquisite visual effects

Sophie Mousel

The 2021 Luxembourg cinema prize winner Sophie Mousel is a Luxembourg actress best known for her role in Capitani, a Luxembourgish crime drama and the country’s first Netflix series. For her upcoming drama Rastlos (Restless), a joint production of Germany, Luxembourg, and Italy, the film star was scanned with Artec 3D scanners to create a true-to-life 3D replica for visual effects.

Restless, which is set to be released at the end of 2023, explores trauma transforming into life-changing, formative experiences in a magical, realistic world. WadyFilms, the Luxembourg film company behind the series, is credited for its unconventional take on film-making, proven by both their visual language and the selection of projects on film, television, and digital platforms. Their avant-garde approach explains the studio’s intention to turn to the most innovative technologies available when creating effects for their production.

Sophie Mousel

To 3D scan Sophie Mousel, the joint efforts of Artec Leo and Artec Space Spider were called upon – these scanners have made their mark in the movie industry for speed, precision, portability, and for taking CGI photogrammetry to a whole new level. Both scanners facilitate an intuitive scanning process similar to shooting a video, which has been a great advantage for film crews that needed to create 3D models right on set. The wireless Leo boasts roaring power when capturing any object and shows a 3D replica being built on its HD display. In turn, Space Spider is commonly used to capture the most complex geometry of smaller objects.

3D scanning has long been a vital part of film effects production. Most spectacular scenes we see on screen contain visual effects that combine artistic intent and tech quality. Whether it’s digital doubles for character design, scenes that would otherwise be dangerous or impossible to pull off, or next-gen CG props, high-resolution 3D replicas help bring the ambitious visuals conceptualized onto the screen.

Sophie Mousel

When released, Restless will be a valuable addition to the list of films in which Artec 3D technology was used, alongside all-time blockbuster classics such as Jurassic World or Terminator Genisys.

Restless will be released at the end of 2023.