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Artec 3D joins FEDIL association for fostering economic activity in Luxembourg


Through membership in FEDIL, a multisectoral business network, the 3D scanning frontrunner Artec 3D gains both Luxembourg market exposure and access to ecosystem support and best practices inspired by other network members. Since its foundation in 1918, FEDIL has accumulated unique resources helping to make businesses truly sustainable and recognized.

Not only does this collaboration mean the voice of Artec 3D will be channeled to the regional and international stakeholders, it also places the company on the list of the most innovative economic, social, environmental, and technological projects that form the FEDIL hub of experts.

The federation’s proactive approach to today’s entrepreneurial issues will drive Artec 3D’s participation in major industrial activities and events, as well as raise its profile among economic and political decision makers. All over Europe, FEDIL network is shifting a business paradigm by bringing technology at the forefront of public research and commerce – Artec 3D will be one more brilliant example of this.

“As a global high-tech business, we are privileged to have 500 top-tier companies as our customers, among our many other global partners and clients,” said Art Yukhin, President and CEO of Artec 3D. “Our 3D scanners are made in Luxembourg, and are equipped with advanced electronics and optics right here in our headquarters. We are proud of our full-scale, in-house production, and consider ourselves a responsible corporate citizen company that is focused on sustainability. With this in mind, we are delighted to cooperate with and commit to the network, and ready to contribute to the FEDIL community.”

“Along with other FEDIL members, Artec 3D brings an expertise in innovative technology to FEDIL and its members, which can contribute to developing it further in Luxembourg for the benefit of the entire ecosystem,” said René Winkin, FEDIL General Manager.